She Can't Be Missed

The weather has been beautiful up in the mountains this weekend. Our five year old is really making progress on her skis. Me on the other hand, you can find out how well I did tomorrow.

Sj thinks her Burton Ski Outfit is too brightly colored, but you'd be surprised by all the teenagers that think it's so cool. Ha! Btw, this is a mobile post from my iPhone, I can't believe I did it!


  1. Not too bright! it is awesome!!

    I haven't braved the mobile post yet! good for you :) Thx for your help tonight on Twitter, also!


  2. Cute outfit!

    And congrats on the iphone post!

  3. She looks adorable! I'm impressed...I'm too scared to try skiing. I hope you had a wonderful time. Good job on the mobile post!


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