To Ski or Not To Ski...

Late Thursday evening, my husband casually mentioned to me the opportunity to head up to the mountains for the weekend. I jumped at the chance, as I am always interested in a little getaway. More importantly escaping the duties of home, laundry, dishes, cooking, a birthday party, and even a meeting. In turn I had to pack the bags, prepare the food list, and spend a couple of mindless hours knitting on the drive up. Even though I was hoping my knitting would keep my mind off of things, it didn't. I was drawn back to a slight hesitation I had in the back of my mind, the feeling that always winds up overwhelming me as we drive west on Interstate 70...

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  1. I don't ski either, because of my knees, but hubby loves it. It does feel awkward walking around the ski resorts and not skiing. Good luck if you ever do take it up.

  2. Great post. :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend :)


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