When Reality Kicks Opportunity In The Ass

Sometimes I think about making a long list of all my responsibilities, just for the heck of it. Out of curiosity, to see it on paper. First there's the obvious taking care of my family, keeping the household running, finances, all the things the typical Household Executives are responsible for. Then there's other things on the side, like volunteering to be a Girl Scout Troop Co-Leader or overseeing the entire Scholastic Book Club Orders for my daughter's former pre-school (and soon to be my youngest daughter's new pre-school in the fall). Of course let's not forget Graduate School, which is something I wanted for myself, but wonder why. There aren't quite enough hours in the day for all that the course requires, but yet I am managing to stay afloat. Of course there is this blog (and Rocky Mtn Moms Blog where I contribute), which I don't quite have the overzealous energy for that I did in it's early days, but I am keeping it going. I like to call it, quality over quantity. Ha! I don't think I could give this blog up, it's a part of my identity, or as the social media types like to call it, my brand. If only my brand would pay me.

Life really is just chugging along for me, sometimes I feel balanced and other days are out of control. All normal. But then opportunity falls into my lap. Another thing, is it possible?

Believe it or not, an employment opportunity has fallen into my lap. Make money. Novel concept for someone that hasn't brought home a real paycheck since the 2003 Tax Year. I have made some money, but not regular good money.

Now for the reality part. The job that I was offered could either be full time or part time, flexible hours. A dream really. But I pay my babysitter $12 an hour, which I think is very reasonable, I whole heartedly trust her with my children. After I crunched the numbers, I would make oh about $20 bucks a week after paying for childcare. The problem is I would have to pay my babysitter an extra hour a day over which I would be payed, which is travel time back and forth. I would be getting paid for 9 hours of work a week, but paying for 12 hours of childcare. Hence the problem.

The disappointing part of the whole situation is that the opportunity would be wonderful. I would learn the skills to teach dyslexic students how to read. It would be a fabulous addition to my resume, which as we all know is lacking in the professional experience being a stay at home mom. There would be opportunity for growth, being the Director of the center.

My options are to; make no money, but gain experience and lifelong skills for my profession, pass on the job, or find cheaper childcare.

Seems like the timing is just not right for this opportunity. It's so hard to say no to something that feels so right. I have to continually remind myself that soon enough both of my girls will be in school full time. My time with them right now is priceless, a time I will never have the opportunity to get back.

Honestly, I can do with out so many things to be with my girls. Even if that's a really good career building opportunity.


  1. I feel your dilemma completely!!! I just decided not to sub in the fall because of the cost of childcare. Totally not worth it. So, I have decided to place Mr. E in a part time preschool which is affordable and volunteer at Ms.E's school next year. These years do go by so fast and there's always going to be an opportunity. You are an enthusiastic, intelligent and a very appealing person to be around. I am sure there will always be an opportunity for someone as special as you.

  2. But in actuality you will make a bit of money, and have this incredible experience. If it FEELS RIGHT like you say, that sounds like a good place to hang out. Just sayin!! Love you, Keri

  3. If I were in your position and I planned to go back to work, I would do it if it would help my career when I do go back to work.

    My husband calls these things...opportunity costs.

    Good Luck!

  4. I am currently in the very same position. And then I have to be honest with myself and admit that at times, I simply don't want to go "back" to work because I feel like I work my ass off now.

  5. Hmmmmmm...yipes!
    Good luck with that one.

  6. It's times like these I write a detailed pros and cons list and PRAY for guidance.
    I know the right option will come to you!

  7. I have absolutely no advice for you (or, I could make some up, but it would be completely out of my bum), but I will pay you (in happy thoughts about money) for writing this blog. I just like it that much.

  8. Wow tough call, I guess it depends on how much it will help your career. Could you do different preschool to fit in better??

  9. Isn't this the stay-at-home mom's dilemma!! For the flip side of the argument, soon enough your girls will be busy for more hours of the day than you will see them. Right now, no one loves your girls the way you do -- no teachers, or babysitters, or nannies, or aunts -- and these are the years when they will learn the best from simply spending time with you. Job opportunities may come and go, but they'll still be there when your girls are not.

  10. It is tough. One option is to try it out and if it's too much, then let the opportunity go. So you'll have no regrets.

    But kids are only young once. So I understand your desire to stay with them.

  11. I really feel for you on this. I have been faced with similar dilemmas and in the end, chose as you did. It's a decision I don't think either of us will ever regret.

  12. :/ But your heart is in the right place and your priorities are straight. Good for you. I hope the right opportunity comes up soon, if you're looking for one. :)

  13. That is a really tough call. I understand your decision, they are only young once and full time school comes pretty fast and eases these pressures. Still, I'd struggle, especially with the part-time decision, because of the skill set it offers. You have to do what feels right for you.

    I recently decided not to take a job as well - work from home, work that I enjoy, but in the end I decided I couldn't swing it without a sitter three days a week and the money v. time away from my kids thing didn't feel right to me either.


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