Does My Husband Parent or Babysit?

Does my husband parent or children or babysit them? Is there a difference? Lately I've been chatting it up with friends about this exact issue.Do you think I plan out every minute of when my husband takes the girls and I am doing something on my own? Or do I let him go with the flow?

Find out over at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog, I'd love to hear your opinion on the matter. 


  1. Heh...good topic. I'll be leavin' a comment for ya. :)

  2. haha love that...since the husband has been laid off i have given him a little more parenting role...I went out the other night and casually said it was bath time but if you don't want to it can wait til tomorrow...and low and behold he gave her a bath, fed her and put her to bed and said "that was easy!!" sometimes I think we don't give them enough credit that they are "capable."

  3. Bravo, bravo!! TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I am fortunate enough to have a great husband and father to our children. It's so important for the kids to have a relationship with their dad too. Not just the guy who takes care of them sometimes. I step back and let S take control when he has the kids. He does sometimes do things differently, but that's who he is. It won't scar the kids, so I don't worry about it. Parenting is a team effort, not just one-sided.

  4. I get very neurotic when my husband "babysits" the girls, because he decides that's the time to reshingle the roof, or build a shed, leaving them to their own devices.

    I have been told to leave them with him anyway. He is, afterall, their dad. I just wish he were as safety conscious as I am.


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