Ready For Your House Guest?

Last Thursday I received an out of the ordinary noon time phone call from my oldest brother. I'm juggling lunch making and the swift movement off to kindergarten. I picked up the phone to see what was up. The first thing out of my brother's mouth was I heard your having a house guest!

House guest?

Our family lives in Upstate New York, so typically I know when I will be receiving house guests. There's a lovely window of time to prepare my house, the guest room, and myself mentally. These days the guest room has turned into the catch all room, clothing cast offs from my growing daughters, winter gear from my hubby's traveling adventures for work, laundry, and diaper boxes of toys that I fill up when things break or it's time to let them go. I have to keep them in the closet for a few months because there is always a random toy that won't leave my oldest daughter's memory and I have to retrieve it from the cast off box. If no questions arise, off to the local charity for donation the boxes go.

Back to my house guest.

My father is retired, but my mother is still happily working. It's turned out to be a very busy time for her at work, so she can't get away for a vacation. Long story short, my father decided he wanted to come out for a visit. Even though my mother encouraged him to book a plane ticket, he made up his mind that he wanted to drive out to Colorado. I've driven the 1,800 mile trek too many times to recall, but happily I haven't driven across i-80 in at least a decade.

Last Thursday, my father waited for my mother to go to work, then he packed his suitcase and hit the highway. He drove alone all day Thursday, spent the night in a hotel, and arrived in Colorado about 5 o'clock in the afternoon on Friday. Although he was a bit out of sorts, worn out from the drive, he made it safely. And my mother's response to his adventure, let's just say she wasn't happy.

In the past week, I have been enjoying my house guest. My guest room has been freshly painted a wonderful shade of yellow, a nice needed change. I was able to get up on the roof during one of the 70 degree days we recently had to paint some trim that needed it desperately. The last of the leaves have been raked, the garage has been cleaned, and the truckload of recyclables are off to Eco-Cycle. I have to admit, it's been nice having help around the house, someone to stay home during Kindergarten pick up, so GL doesn't have to be woken up. Laundry is being done, dishes disappear when placed in the sink. Oh and my floors, they've been washed.

It's funny because just a couple of weeks ago, I felt so overwhelmed. But today I'm all smiles, happy to have the company. The world works in mysterious ways or maybe the silent cries for help were heard 1,800 miles away.


  1. That is the best!!! Woo Hoo for Joe. I wish I had a house guest like that. I love the story behind all of it as well. Keri

  2. Well that certainly worked out well! Where do I get a house guest like that? ;)

  3. Oh that's a lovely houseguest to have. I need one like that too but all my relatives already live here in town.

  4. LOL! You are so lucky because when MY dad visits I have an extra child to take care of!

    So glad that you are caught up AND enjoying your Dads company.

  5. That last sweet :)

    Enjoy the company; ignore the mess. Your dad is there for you, not to see if you are good housekeeper ;)

  6. I'm with Connie. As much as I love my dad - it would just double the work.

  7. Your dad is great. How wonderful that he came down to see you and is such a great help. Enjoy your visit.

  8. Family are the best house guests!

    I have a guestroom at my house that I call "Laura's Room" She is my twin sister and my FAVORITE house guest....ever.

    Nice to meet I am off to read more of your past entries.

    Truly, Julia

  9. Glad he made it safely and you have been enjoying his stay! Hopefully mom is over her irritation, but I suppose he still has to drive back. :-)

  10. I would LOVE for my Dad to make a visit like that. It's hard when they live far away, isn't it?

  11. What a cool surprise. I have to admit, my Dad is more along the lines of another child, as some others said. But, the fact that he's such a big help to you and surprised you - wow!

  12. Hope it was a great visit.

    How "upstate" is your family from? My husband is from Syracuse and I can't tell you how many people I meet in colorado from Syracuse.


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