Denver Museum of Nature & Science: Expedition Health

A few weeks ago, we woke again to another stormy Saturday. Although we had been graced with a mild winter, as soon as Spring hit the Rockies the weather seemed to take a turn for the worse. J and I decided to take the girls an indoor adventure to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We needed something to break up the monotony of being indoors for what seemed like every weekend for the past month. 

I had been hearing the buzz about a new exhibit that was opening called, Expedition Health, which replaced the space in the museum that once housed the Hall of Life. I don't recall how many field trips I went on to the Hall of Life, but that exhibit was quite popular when I was teaching fifth grade. Funny enough on our way down to the Museum, I asked J if he'd every been? I didn't recall us ever taking the trip together. Then I remembered, J actually joined my class of fifth graders on a field trip the museum. Pretty funny. 

When we arrived at the Museum, we were given tickets to the new exhibit, Expedition Health, set for a particular entry time. I didn't quite understand the purpose for a reservation time, until I experienced the exhibit. When you enter Expedition Health, everyone is given a Peak Pass to use at various stations through out. The Peak Pass records the activities that you participate in and then uses the information to compile a unique user print out at the very end before exiting the exhibit.

After logging in with our cards and taking in all the sights and sounds, we decided to walk around with the girls before participating. Our girls were instantly drawn to a section designed for children called, Tykes Peak. It's an informative play space with fun activities like a backpack station, a built in slide, and many hands on features with delightful facts and learning opportunities built in. After pulling them away from Tykes Peak, we went to see what other exciting features the exhibit had for us.My hubby and I were each drawn to different aspects of the exhibit. For example I wanted to see what I would look like when I was 70 years old, with a computer generated image of my face. There were stationary bicycles that gathered your heart rate, which of course J eagerly waited to participate in. I just adored the Size Up Your Stride component, where you are filmed walking. Then your image is shown on a computer and a few monitors in the exhibit. You can insert your Peak Pass and find out the length of your stride, your energy level, and how long it would take you to hike around a lake.Honestly there are so many components of Expedition Health that my best advice is to head over there and experience it for yourself. The girls did well for their age (2&5), but the exhibit is definitely geared for older school aged children and adults. They were excited to walk over a simulated creek on a wooden beam, learn about germs on their hands, why their eyes dilate, how tall they are vs. their arm span. There was also an interactive program that we saw about stomach bugs. Eew. 

I can't wait to go back and check out Exhibition Health again. Best part of the exhibit is that it's part of the entrance fee to the Museum, no extra charge. After we left E.H. we spent hours exploring all the other delightful nooks and crannies in the museum. We ended our day with a trip to the T-Rex Cafe where I was blown away by the great deals and quality of food. I think my experience there could be a post in itself, but I have to admit any place that serves Wild Salmon is top notch in my book.

Take a break from your normal routine, visit the DMNS, trust me you'll be surprised at how much you learn while having a fun filled adventure!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! It's always great to get out and visit museums every so often with the family.

  2. Sounds kind of like some of the stuff they have in Innoventions at Disneyland. What a neat exhibit! Sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Gotta go! We went a few weeks ago, right before it opened. Gotta get back. I'm so sick of the space area, where the boys camp out. :)


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