How Marketers Tick Off Bloggers

Believe it or not, Eat Play Love was created as an outlet for me to write about anything happening in my life, a place to call my own, a place to vent, a place to laugh, and a place I desperately needed to get me through good days and even some bad. May I add this place is mainly a happy place (except for those bad days), where I have stayed true to my original intent. Along the way I've met some fabulous people and feel like a real part of a community of bloggers! My experience has blown away my expectations by a million.

Now let me be the first to say, I don't take that community for granted.

Today is a day, where I'm feeling a little frustrated. My pet peeve, the infiltration of clueless "new media" PR people trying to change a good thing, a well established community. In case you have never noticed, I don't run ads on my blog. Go look around over there on the left, not one ad. A badge to donate to the March of Dimes or a family coping with tragic loss, yes. Advertisements, no. Am I opposed to advertising, absolutely not. Have I found a company that speaks to my philosophy and lifestyle to advertise, no. I have given away a product or two on here, but one of them I actually purchased with my money.

Lately, I've been receiving a handful of emails daily from companies asking me to write about their websites or their company blogs or for me to link to their websites. Hello, doesn't that seem odd? For example one email I received yesterday said, Dear Webmaster I am looking for websites to promote "our client's websites". First of all, Dear WEBMASTER? Ok, I know how to tweak like ten things with HTML and use a Blogger Template. Hardly a webmaster. Believe it or not, right below my picture you'll find my name, it's Denise. If you really want to pitch something to me at least pretend like you read my blog.

Another favorite of mine yesterday was a major company that was running a contest, the marketer thought I would be just delighted to share the contest to my readers. Umm, yeah I'd love to share with you a contest just for the heck of it. Didn't you see under my header, Eat Play Love, it makes you smile because I link to a shitload of clueless companies just for the fun of it!

I understand most of these emails are harmless, but when I am constantly opening my email to companies that hire marketers that don't have a clue, it puts me over the edge. Oh and to top it off many of them graciously add me to their email list so then I start receiving their crappy junk mail! Then I have to say, please remove me from your list THAT I DIDN'T OPT INTO!!!

Where am I going with this?

This little piece of cyberspace that I call my own, is exactly that. I write what's in my heart, not what a marketer casually throws at me on a whim. When I link to products in a post it's because it's a part of my story not because I was asked. I promise, it's not because a multi-million dollar company threw me a free sample to pimp their products. Quite frankly I am offended that many companies think throwing a product or two at a blogger is enough compensation for our time and exposure. Well, it's not! I don't take for granted you come here to read my writing and share in this thing I call community.

Which leads me to opportunity. I can't make a blanket statement saying I would never advertise on this blog. I would write about products that are a part of my life, that make sense to be writing about. I have written for the Crocs Blog because Crocs are a part of my life, a local company, and they truly understand the blogging world. When I am approached by understanding clued-in marketers, their ideas make sense and are a fit for me, I consider the inclusion. But those riding the wave of new media, look around, read blogs, take a moment to understand what's happening here. Don't offend me by asking me to write about your company for free, it just doesn't work that way.

As for you, who stick around to the bottom of posts like this, I've got your back. When Louis Vuitton, Whole Foods, or Club Med come knocking, we are in this thing together!


  1. Yeah - some of the PR e-mails are kind of weird. I get a lot of food related stuff.

    I've written about a couple of things that I thought were cool (hello! Jack Black on Yo Gabba Gabba). And I'll always plug my friends who create things I love (My fashion designer friend Kathlin for example). But just because I wrote about a piece of jewelry that I saw and liked ONCE doesn't mean that I plan to feature that company on a weekly basis.

    And then I wonder why they're even contacting me. It's not like I have SO many readers. I guess they figure this stuff becomes viral...

  2. This one made me laugh out loud. I have been having the same problem, and I consider it a problem because I can tell that it won't stop any time soon.

    I will do book reviews because I was approached by a publishing company that handles New Age/Self Help/Recovery publications and I get to pick what I want to review and keep the books. Other than that, I'm not interested.

    I commend you for standing your ground. And yes, if Whole Foods or Trader Joes came knocking, I would be on it like white on rice ;)

  3. Wow, you think they'd call you Mrs. Webmaster at least. :> I love to shamelessly promote all of my friends who have started small, family owned (mostly mom owned) businesses because I sincerely think they are doing and selling cool and unique things.

    But, if Apple decides that I'm their best non-celebrity promoter, I'd probably hang my head in shame and gladly accept their gifts of iphones and macs (Since I spend way too much money there already and I'm already advertising for free for them).

    Great post, BTW! I'm going to forward to one of my "old-school media" PR friends.

  4. Denise I love you. 'Nuff said.

  5. I used to respond to all the emails in a polite way but now there are just to many. Delete. I only respond when I'm actually interested in their product or what they have to say.

  6. Everybody just loves you and your fantastic blog! ;)

  7. I stuck around! I agree, I don't get that many, but I used to get annoyed and now I just ignore. Why would I change my space into a boring pitch for someone else, without - sorry, true - gaining anything!

  8. I have BlogHer ads on my site, but mostly because I like being a part of that community. I make about enough money off those to take my kids out for frozen yogurt once a month.

    I don't get many PR pitches, and the few I do, I ignore. I have no intention at all to make money off my blog. I do it as as outlet for me. Period.

    The only "review blog" I read is Cool Mom Picks and that doesn't really count as a review blog anyway.

  9. Somehow I've flown under the radar of the marketing goons. Don't know how, but I think I'm grateful. LOL! I also don't take ads, but would be open to ads for organizations/products I use and/or believe in. I'd love to write for an organization I believe in, that'd be a dream. In the meantime, I just ignore the goons. ;)

  10. i get those too often as well. and i always tell them ... this is my place. if and when i feel that a company is deserving of being a part of my place (aka is something that i truly believe in) ... then i will advertise ...
    and they continue to email ... even after i've said no.
    one said ... let me introduce you to the company ... a business card company. yeah ... not gonna happen.


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