I May Have A New (pms) Buddy

A few times a year after giving birth to my second daughter I feel like my hormones are totally out of whack or on overdrive. I'll never forget one day I screamed at the top of my lungs, driving in the car with my husband, fuming. Yelling. It all came out of nowhere really, but in the moment it wasn't controllable. A few days later, my friend arrived. By friend I mean, my monthly visitor, Aunt Flo, or the ever popular from my teen years, on the rag. 

Then it just all made sense. That episode in the car was hormone induced.

Now I'm not placing the blame of my actions on PMS or hormones, but it certainly did provide clarity for me. After that episode I deeply reflected on my behavior and couldn't really grasp why my emotions felt so out of control. Must be the hormones.

Since then I've had my good months and bad. Like a few months ago, I had those dark days before my friend arrived which I would definitely consider to be depression like symptoms. I cried and cried, didn't want to change my clothes, get out of bed or shower. Then boom, I get my period and the clouds lift, the clarity becomes apparent. I'm not even going to go into bloating or how my jeans fit, let's just say happy with an elastic waist band!

More recently, I've wanted to become proactive about the hormone situation. I feel like my symptoms are heightened by diet and lack of exercise. Honestly since starting the 30 Day Shred, it's had a positive impact on my PMS, so far no outbursts. When I refer to my diet, I mean just keeping everything in moderation, not overdoing it on salty or sweet foods during that same window of time. Although I notice my energy levels drop for the first few days of my period, I just can't bring myself to exercise. I'm trying to work through that.

So what about my new buddy?

Well it's called PMS BUDDY. It started with a website designed for men, helping them track their significant others monthly cycle. Personally I am not offended, I find it brilliant. They even suggest flowers, etc during what may be the high time hormonally (sign my hubby up, too bad he doesn't read my blog)! There's even a PMS BUDDY iPhone application which is how I first heard about this. I think I'm going to download it.

Why PMS Buddy, why not just look at the calendar? Seriously sometimes I don't have a clue about the window of time that makes me more vulnerable or irritable during PMS. I would love to see if the application would help me recognize patterns and change them. I've had several 9pm hormone induced baking sessions which I never give a second thought to, until my friend arrives. Aha I think, that's what that was.

Maybe even this post the other day was slightly hormone induced, but I am glad I wrote it. I want to thank everyone that had something to share. I learned a lot from that post, I learned that I am not alone, that sometimes writing the hard things are for the best because so many of you could relate. My phone rang off the hook that day. It was a wonderful thing. I got weepy. Oops, hello hormones!

Maybe in a few months, I'll write a follow up post about my experience with the PMS Buddy. I feel like I need some help getting clarity and recognizing patterns, the buddy may just be the key.


  1. I hate the way my hormones make me feel/act/eat. I'll have to check out that Buddy for my phone!

  2. What an interesting way to gain insight to your body. Thanks!

  3. I seriously feel PMS has gotten worse after having kids. I have some friends tell me, "oh that's nothing, wait till menopause." Why can't the guys go through these things? Oh wait, they have to put up with us :)

  4. I don't know how old yuo are Girlfriend - but things have gotten PRETTY crazy in the PMS department in my 40's. I have heard the peri stage can last 10 years! Ain't it grand?

  5. Hi, new to your blog... I almost hate to admit it because I hate when men ask if that is the problem, but I think mine has gotten worse after the birth of my 2nd too. I will be insanely irritated and then later realize it is pms... I kind of hate it.

  6. My PMS has damned near gotten out of control. I never really had it before kids, but lately it's gotten terrible. Horrible hormonal swings. My mom hit perimenopause in her late thirties...and I'm 35. So my doc and I will have a little confab when I go in in a few months. I'm sure I'm just at the very beginning of a LOOOOONG journey. Sigh...

  7. Lol, what a great idea! I definitely have seen my PMS reactions a bit stronger than they used to be, must come with getting older or something, I dunno. But they tend to deflate (or I just put them in check) once I realize what's causing them.


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