It Was The Juice's Fault, No The Water's Fault, No My Fault! My Poor Digital Camera...

The other day the girls requested juice in the morning. Considering orange juice is thicker than most juices I decided in a momentary lapse of reason, to take out the stopper from the girls' sippy cups. (Yes, the girls still use sippy cups, why because I hate spills all over the place and quite frankly I don't care that my daughters still use them, they can drink out of glasses just fine, fyi) Anyway, so I was packing my delightful Live Simply whale emblazoned tote bag for a little park outing to meet up with friends. I placed the girls' sippy cups full of water in my tote bag, slipped my camera in the bag along with lunch and a diaper or two. I thought to myself gosh I haven't gotten a picture of Sj and her buddies in awhile, it will be nice to get some shots at the park.

Do, dee, do, driving to the park. (can you imagine what's happening on my drive to the park, any guesses?)

We start to unload for the park, when I discover one large sippy cup empty in the bag with all water being spilled out on our, happy singing along to Elizabeth Mitchell, drive. Upon further inspection, I discovered about 2 inches of water puddling at the bottom of my happy whale tote. Then I find my camera sitting on it's side, resting in about the same 2 inches of water.

Insert anger. I mentally hit myself on the forehead thinking, hello you forgot the damn stopper in the sippy cup. Sigh.

Digital camera that I received for Mother's Day last year, let's say digital camera that's not even a year old, not happy with it's bath. Anything digital combined with water spells disaster. Luckily for me, it was a blazing sunshine filled Colorado day. I placed the camera in the sun and hoped for the best. Slowly it seemed to be coming back to life after the battery and memory card slots were dried out. The lens even closed and it turned on and off.

Fast forward to 24 hours later and the camera was making improvements. Now I could see a display of the last photo taken, although it still wouldn't take any pictures, I had hope. I plugged my camera my computer in an attempt to download the photos off of my memory card. It wouldn't work initially but then after a pressing a few buttons on and off, up and down, it beeped and photos began to download.

Miraculously hooking my camera up to my computer helped it to start working again. I downloaded 81 photographs, to my surprise they weren't the most touching photos I have taken. Granted I had about 10 photos that were great, but honestly Sj was responsible for about 50 of the photos, photos I may have never missed.

Let's take a look, thank goodness they were retrieved and my camera was saved, for they are gems:

Our lovely Orange painting & clock. 

The old icky toaster oven, which now resides with some recycling.

A close up of Sj's thermal shirt, nice texture may I add. 

The classic photo of Sj taking a photo of GL taking her photo. 

A fine assortment of chipping play kitchen food.

Oh, little too close, zoom of Sj's Hannah Montana Build a Bear.

Yes, I am happy my camera did not get destroyed by the sippy cup mishap. I do have a special folder in my iPhoto library of photos Sj has taken. These will definitely make the bunch. It's interesting to look at photos from her perspective, to catch a glimpse of being five years old. I see the world through 5'11" eyes, much differently than my daughter.

Even though they are silly, I am glad they weren't lost.


  1. Oh my goodness, I would have gone crazy if that happened--I am so glad the camera is OK.
    I love the idea of a separate folder on iPhoto for kids. MY kids take lots of pics with the iPhone, pretty much daily!

  2. Funny thing about kid-taken photos: the best pictures I have of myself are the ones that my five year old has taken with her Fisher Price Camera. I attribute it to me not being uptight when she's pointing it at me. They all always seem to catch me at my best.

    SO glad your camera survived. I have had the same sippy mishap and it's dreadful.

  3. i'd be sick--thank goodness it still works!

  4. That sounds like something that would happen to me. So glad the camera survived!

  5. I just love those pictures! My 5 year old takes great pictures too. It's so funny to see things through her eyes, to see what she wants to take pictures of.

  6. Those pictures are great! I'm so glad the camera is okay.

  7. I love seeing what Sj shot!

  8. I have done the exact same thing! Drives me crazy when I forget those stoppers. Oh and I LOVE sippies, my kids can all use real cups and I cling to the beautiful, capped sippy cups.

    Her picture taking skillz are pretty good actually. Glad the camera survived.

  9. Those are some great photos for such a little one. I'm SO relieved to hear that your camera survived.


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