Loss In The Blogging Community

This morning, I woke to find out Madeline Spohr passed away. November 11, 2007-April 7,2009. Her mother Heather Spohr has a beautiful spirit and personality. Those of us in the blogging community knew Madeline's story. This month there is a walk in Los Angeles for the March of Dimes, a huge passion for Heather.

I feel heartbroken for the Spohr family and their friends and family. Please hug your babies today, love them and bite your tongue when you feed mad.

Please don't hesitate, make a donation today to the March of Dimes right now in honor of Madeline's life.

Walk Information:

Exposition Park
April 25, 2009
700 Exposition Park Drive
PARKING: $10/vehicle - CASH ONLY!
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Heather's Site is up and running, thanks the effort of some incredible women. Please go comment and share the love with Heather & Mike, tell them how you feel, it will make a difference, I promise.

The Spohrs Are Multiplying

I've disabled comments, please just act and donate!