Memo To Husband, Ski Sweaters Might Not Be My Thing...

Today is the day my husband set off on an adventure. Once again, he's traveling the globe to chase down some snow. He gets paid to chase snow, he's very lucky in that regard, well that's if you love snow like he does. So he'll hop on three airplanes, hop in a handful of cars, and then a boat to get to his destination, Norway. North of the Arctic Circle, in Tromso. You can find Tromso on the top of the map just right of where it says ARCTIC OCEAN.

Now let me be the first to share, my husband loves an exotic location. To me, north of the Arctic Circle is definitely exotic and probably not on my top ten spots of places I need to see. Well, I guess if you were paying me, I could find it in my heart to make it through all that travel to get to such a spot. But I'm more of a white sandy beach kind of girl. More like Greece on the other hand, contending for spot number one on my list.

Which brings me to my research. When ever my hubby travels to an exotic location, the girls that stay back home in Colorado expect a gift. My hubby is very good about seeking unique items as a little token to remember his trip and show us how much he loves us and missed us (cough, cough). Earlier in the week, I started poking around online for popular souvenirs and handmade goods from Norway. I like to pose potential suggestions to my hubby, you know to make his job easier. Considering we have gotten the last minute airport purchases and let's just say they weren't duty free Louis Vuitton.

Well to my surprise Norway is known for a vast array of delightful items that I hope and pray my husband refrains from buying. Take for example the coveted Scandinavian Ski Sweater, while they are adorable, not sure if it's just my style. Maybe cute for the girls in the, I'm forcing you to wear this for a photo, kind of way. But for me, meh. But the matching bandanna sure is classic!

Then I found a huge collectors market for the coveted Trolls from Norway. Aren't they just delightful. I am really wishing my husband will bring home one for each of us. So I can have nightmares about their presence in our home. EEK.

But in all seriousness, I did find some very redeeming photos. Like of these lovely two ladies shopping among some gorgeous wool items, all in bright bold happy colors. Very modern, very okay in my book. When I saw them, I realized my hubby will do good. Then I came across tons of websites boasting the gorgeous yarns found in Norway. So I'm thinking, J go with the yarn! As for the girls, I couldn't come up with any hot Scandinavian kids toys, but I am sure he'll find something they'll adore and cherish. A doll or stuffed toy they'll sleep with and drag around from place to place incessantly for a couple of weeks until it falls into the regular old toy pile.

In the meantime, my husband will be enjoying a view, such as this. Working hard having to hike four to six hours a day to find the camera perfect snow.Eating exotic food (think pickled fish), meeting locals, and sharing a beer. Alright maybe the Arctic Circle doesn't sound so bad after all.

Don't be surprised if you get our annual holiday photo in December and we look like this: Now you'll know why.

photos from google photo


  1. The matching family sweaters crack me up! Second only to matching red holiday long johns (Can you imagine wearing his/her long johns??)

  2. Being Norwegian... I had to laugh at this one. Believe me, there really is not a lot to bring back from Norway. And trust me, those sweaters are itchy and not at all flattering. Trust me.

    You left out the item my mom always brings back for me... wooden spoons. That's right. Plain wooden spoons.

  3. Lol. Happy travels to the hubby. I'll be interested to see the gift post following his return ;)

  4. I love the sweaters and the trolls!! But I would also ask for yarn! Oh to globe trot the way he does!! Would be dreamy. My hubby leaves for Paris on Saturday for the week. Poor thing. Last time I got a fancy bottle of perfume. I've already put in my request for another. ;-)

  5. I would have said "bring back some pickled fish." Cause, you know, nothing says love like canned herring.

  6. really embarrassed because well we have matching sweaters likes these from Hanna and we have done pics in them...but the Christmas card is the matching PJs lol
    Hope the times flies while your hubby's gone!

  7. I love your blog! Thankyou!!

  8. HAHAHAHA...those sweaters! I have one very similar, but it's red and I still like it. :) After all, it is from LL Bean. Hahaha! I get compliments on it; from men mind you. Even funnier! Loved the post and hope the 2 weeks go by fast for you.

  9. Cannot wait to read, or peek, what he chooses!

  10. those trolls would scare me too! what a great place to visit--I've always wanted to see that part of world.

  11. my friend use to collect those trolls, they still give me nightmares! love how the mum in the group shot has a trendy version of the group sweater!


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