Come Home Mama Bird...

Last week I barely was through the front door when my daughter came running towards me. She was demanding I immediately go to the backyard and see the discovery she made with Papa! I walked through the house and out the door to find, this: A bird's nest perched on a wooden peg rack we have attached to the back of our house. I hadn't noticed the nest because it was built underneath our kid sized table umbrella.

What a discovery!

We love birds, so of course it was instinct to check and see if there were any eggs in the nest. I ran and got a mirror, but there were no eggs. What a disappointment. For the last week, Sj has been hiding behind trees watching every bird that enters our yard. She peeks around from the backside of the huge trunk of the cottonwood, watching American Robins gather small pieces of dried up grass and watches them fly away.

Why are they flying away?

The birds we've been observing are busy building nests in other places. Turns out we haven't found the bird that built the nest. At this point I am anticipating the nest was built, but for some reason abandoned. Oh, how delighted we would be to have our very own birds to watch grow from egg to little wet feathered chirping babies!

Not impossible at this point, but highly improbable.

Yesterday I gathered a bunch of tiny branches that had been falling off of our cottonwood all winter. I put them in a pile to recycle when I had an idea. I decided to make a big nest for my big baby bird to sit in and chirp. We haven't quite decided how to make little pretend eggs, but I'll be sure to share if we do. In the mean time I'm enjoying my very own little birdie:


  1. I love your little bird. She is adorable!

  2. Haha, that is too adorable! What a cute little birdie you have there. How about some plastic Easter eggs?

  3. Aw, what a cute bird you have in your yard!
    My boys made and hung up a bird house this spring, but so far it is still uninhabited...

  4. I love that picture of Sj! Too cute. Very exciting to have a bird nest. Love, love spring.

  5. That is a big bird!

    We have a baby bird nest in the tree behind our house but it is too far up and we can't see anything.

  6. Your little bird is by far the cutest of the season :)

  7. Matt & I actually got to watch a little egg hatch into a tiny bird last year on our front porch, it was awesome. I hope your daughters get to experience that, how fun!! Good luck with mama bird!!

  8. What a great idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the eggs.


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