One Of My Brilliant Ideas, A Swimming Pool...

Six and a half years ago we purchased a home in the Fall. Considering it was October when we saw the place, it never crossed my mind to inquire about central air-conditioning. Unfortunately our furnace is metal octopus in a four foot crawl space, so getting central air just isn't an investment we want to make. Our home also has a huge backyard by my standards and a wee bit of a pesky weed problem. I mean we have grass and green stuff that grows, but in one section under our Cottonwood we've battled weeds for years.

Let's recap my situation, no central air, a big back yard, pesky weeds...

Anyone see where I am going with this? I had a brilliant idea that we NEED a swimming pool. Now don't get all dreamy and imagine a real swimming pool with that infinity-edge cascading into a view of the ocean (this is Colorado after all). Or a young handsome pool boy pouring frozen bottomless umbrella drinks. Imagine a yard that is half decent, half disaster and a dream of a pool allowing me to escape all notions of the disaster part.

I found a great deal on a 15' pool, it's 36" deep.

Easy, peasy.

I pick it up, think I'll take it out of the box, turn on the hose, slip into my bathing suit and relax. Or not...

Well the brilliant pool in the backyard idea, has turned into a pool debacle. Why can't ideas to fruition be easy? We took steps to put the pool in what we considered to be the most level part of our yard and ironically enough the most weed ridden. As the pool was filling, it seemed a bit off, but I though it would even out as it filled up. Mwah, ha, ha! When the hose was finally turned off one side was bulging, another was sagging. I knew I couldn't put up with the lob sided pool for the rest of the evening, no less a few months.

So we drained it. And I drained my motivation in the process.

Back to square one. Empty the 1,000 + gallons of water from the wonky pool. Level the ground, digging dirt, filling dirt, making mud. Squishy-guishy mud, as my two year old liked to call it. The following morning we woke early to start filling the pool again.

It worked, not perfectly, but close enough that I could fathom having it up for a few months. Next problem?
The water is 60 degrees! Come on Colorado sunshine, I'm ready to go. Although I don't have a swimsuit yet.


  1. We have a pool that is in a lot of shade and the water is always on the cool side. Luckily, the kids don't mind!

  2. Oh heck. It didn't occur to me the water would be cold!

  3. Yes - I don't think do it yourself pools are known for their heating systems... Our community pool will be freezing until at least mid-July. I HATE cold water. Sometimes I think I was a cat in my previous life.

  4. I am thinking wetsuit or maybe even a drysuit! Good luck!

  5. I swim laps in the neighbors pool. I am so grateful its heated. Swimming from March to November.

    There is supposedly some fake looking fish you can put in your pool that helps it retain heat. Not sure if it really works tho.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get it leveled out. Is it worth it to get any of that solar bubble wrap stuff?

  7. So glad it worked out! Have fun :)

  8. I bet you will have a blast in the pool this summer! Colorado is known for it's SUNSHINE! Bring it on!!!!

  9. Or you could just move over here: no big trees/leaves, an awesome community pool... ;)


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