The Dress, The Feeling...

When I walked into the dressing room with my arms full of dresses on Wednesday, I had no idea how many of the dresses would actually fit me. I picked out a huge range of dresses from ones I wasn't naturally drawn to, some short, some longer, low back, buttoned up, one with a plunging neckline, and wrap-arounds. It was fun and tiring, rolled into one big experience.

I probably returned three times to the fitting room. My last time in I told the sales woman, don't let me back in here again.

I started emailing my photo in various dresses to a dear friend in New York City (whom I later found out was out with a client, oops) and my hubby. The problem I was having, I couldn't pick a dress. They all fit me. Now when I say they all fit me, I don't mean they all looked great for my body type, but every dress I put on fit me, like zipper went up with having to suck in my belly. Or there weren't any maxed out seams going over my head or hips for that matter. They fit. (Maybe this going to the gym thing has paid off.)

That was weird.

I left the store with four dresses. Just for the heck of it, I posted my dilemma on Facebook and Twitter to get some cyber advice. I stopped by a friend's house at 9pm and had a fashion show over a glass of wine.

And boy did the opinions roll in. But the dress that won out, did for a few reasons. One, I was going to keep the dress even if I didn't wear it to the wedding because it fit so well. Secondly, I had accessories to go with it. The other dresses I didn't have a good cover up (outside wedding, unpredictable weather) and they were sleeveless. Plus I needed to buy shoes to go with them as well. So being practical, I wore the black dress, had all the accessories and a pair of great shoes. The dress I think that would have been the most fun to wear was the pink one.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's opinions, thank you for taking the time to comment. It made me smile when I was getting dressed for the wedding. Here's a shot of me on the balcony, with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the background:

Now, I have a little black dress ready and waiting in my closet for another fun night out!


  1. That dress was definitely my favorite. It looks amazing on you! Gorgeous! I did like the pink color though. ;)
    Good pick with the black!

  2. Your post with the dresses really made me smile because before my trip to Vegas, I sat in a dressing room with a pile of dresses, taking pictures with my iPhone and sending them to my sister to approve! It was the best I could do since she is 1300 miles away.

    I love this dress on you! But where is the picture of your shoes?

  3. Although I voted for the pink one, the black one is great and looks amazing on you!

    Congrats for having such a happy dressing room experience. They are few and far between.

  4. It's always nice to add a gem to the wardrobe, isn't it? And what a great feeling to wear the gem and feel girly :) Get lots of use out of it on dates with J.

  5. It was fun looking at the choices and I really really like the black one! You will be able to change the look just by changing shoes and accessories!

  6. So gorgeous! That looks really great. Good for you!

  7. Lovely. I hope you had a fabulous time and you should definitely plan something to that you can wear it again soon!

  8. Every girl needs the perfect little black dress and you found it!
    And the trips to the gym are paying off!

  9. Excellent choice. You look gorgeous!

  10. I feel a birthday night out dinner coming up soon!

  11. That's a beautiful dress and you totally rock it :) I need to find me a little black dress.

  12. You look beautiful in that dress. it's a great picture.


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