The Phone Call I NEVER Expected...

Where we live in Colorado, there is Open Enrollment in our school district. Which basically means, if you don't want your children to attend your neighborhood school, you can apply via a lottery system to other schools in the district. Some of the schools are exclusively Open Enrollment schools because they are charter or magnet schools. Even if you live next door to the school you aren't guaranteed a spot in an OE school.

Last year we were shut out of Open Enrollment for Kindergarten. Whine, whine, sob, sob details here.

I will be the first to admit, I was disenchanted by the entire Open Enrollment process, having been shut out last year. On one hand I thought why even bother applying for First Grade, where there will be a tenth of the spots there were for Kindergarten. But I applied anyway, thinking it was worth a shot.

Well, the story goes this year, we received a first round letter stating we did not get a spot in any of my FOUR school choices. Then a letter came in mid April stating what our waitlist positions were.

1st Choice School- 21
2nd Choice School- 7
3rd Choice School- 18
4th Choice School- 2

Which basically meant to me, heck maybe my fourth choice will happen. And when I say fourth choice, it really means I would waiver to remove her from her current school to this school because they basically operate on the same philosophy but in neighboring School Districts.

This morning my phone rang. I noticed the School District number on my caller id.


I never, ever, ever expected to get a call. I was offered a spot in our Second Choice school. If you only could have heard the conversation between me and the Open Enrollment Coordinator. I spelled her last name to her before we hung up, she chuckled saying "You've got my number, huh?".


This is incredible and changes so many things, now we will be a commuting family. Double Holy Shit. The school Sj currently attends is a five minute drive away. She'll be entering a multi-age classroom with first to third graders. I am beyond floored and thrilled. It's a perfect age for her to transition because Kindergarten in the school is separated with the pre-school side. Everything worked out. I am amazed.

Time to do the happy dance and buy a lottery ticket. What a wonderful day!


  1. School is a whole new world now, eh? I never dreamed my 3 year old would be on 3 waitlists for preschool. Good to hear sometimes good news comes!

  2. Congratulations!!! That is really exciting :)

  3. Yay--the right school makes all the difference! Thrilled for you and SJ!!!!

  4. Yay--the right school makes all the difference! Thrilled for you and SJ!!!!

  5. Fantastic - feeling good about school is such a huge thing.

  6. that's great! I didn't know oe worked like that.

  7. Hi Denise!

    I can totally relate. My dd will start kinder in the fall and got into our 1st choice school. She got the 2nd of only two spots! Congrats to your family. Go buy that lotto ticket :)

  8. Hooray! I know that joy! Congrats!


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