The First Pizza Friday To Include A Police Visit...

Ever heard of Pizza Friday? It's been mentioned around here before. Pizza Friday has been a family tradition for 45 years. Yes, Forty-five. If I had the photos and a scanner, I'd post a picture of me in my one piece terry cloth pajamas laying on a blanket at six months old next to a big ol' pizza pie fresh out of the oven. But please don't confuse the 45 with my age, that's just the number of years my parents have been married. With marriage, came tradition, more importantly Pizza Friday tradition.

Growing up Pizza Friday had a reputation in our circle of friends. If one of my three older brothers had any number of friends just randomly stop by, it would always be around 6:00 on a Friday afternoon. In the hay day of Pizza Friday, my mother would make about six large pizzas just to accommodate our friends. Yes, my mother is one heck of a woman. Her Pizza Friday love was passed down to me and now I share that with my friends.

Recently I sent out an open invite to anyone that wanted to come by for Pizza Friday, the Friday before the 4th of July. What a great way to start the weekend, consuming delicious homemade pizza. On the menu, one barbecue chicken pizza with fresh corn and smoked mozzarella cheese, two all natural Applegate Farms pepperoni pizzas, and one cheese to please the children. I decided to pick up pizza dough from my local pizza shop to save myself some work. But typically I make my own dough in a bread machine after lunch on Fridays. I hand grate the cheese, I beg please don't buy bagged shredded cheese if you make pizza at home. Trust me it's the little things that make a huge difference.

One of my friends entered the house when the pizzas were baking in the oven. The smell reminded her of one of her favorite pizza joints back home in California. My pizza is good, the smell can take you back to good places. I like that.

After the pizzas were out of the oven and consumed, we took our happy bellies out back for a little Pre-4th of July fun. In Colorado you can buy fireworks, but every city has different laws about which type of fireworks they allow. I've never purchased fireworks from a tent on the side of a road, so my ignorance on the matter truly was bliss. The only law I knew of had something to do with "fireworks can't leave the ground".

(This is where in my story I would place a few photos, if those photos weren't in a camera at my husbands office twelve miles away. Let's just insert a loud clearing my throat and sighing.)

As we are gathered around the back patio, a friend lit the first of many fireworks he graciously brought to the festivities. Ooh, aah, pretty, it's stationary shooting out colored sparks. The kids liked it. Then WHAM out of no where comes this awful HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL!!! Like, cover your ears that thing is L O U D! Within moments, I mean the thing is still smoking, word travels from my front yard to the patio, "There's a cop here". Yes, a Police Officer on a Trek Bicycle, just rolls up out of nowhere. He just happened to be patrolling the neighborhood, at that very moment, looking for people like us.  He was issuing "verbal" warnings as to what is and isn't allowed for the 4th. His terms were insane and I asked him to put the technical terms aside and tell me how bad does it need to be before he hands me a ticket. Rumor has it we don't want to go there, for a ticket in my city will set you back $500 for illegal fireworks. Eek. Like any good law abiding citizen, we thank him as he hops on his Trek and rides away. We waited about ten minutes and hesitantly continued on with the firework festivities. It was a blast, no pun intended.

My only regret, not offering the cop a slice of pizza.


  1. Okay, I'm new here, so I don't know - but do you normally post your recipes?! I'd love to see the one for your dough and your sauce and of course which cheese you use. I've never made homemade pizza...I didn't even know you could just pick up dough from the pizza shop?!

    We've had that happen before - cops ruining our 4th of july parade. But we wimped out and ditched the rest after they left. Good for you for partying on!

  2. I think Bike Cops are hilarious. Also, I would love the recipe if you are willing to share... we do Pizza Friday's too!

  3. What a GREAT tradition!! We do pizza night every other week. It's so much fun to do with the kids and I've even gotten the compliment "this is the best pizza ever mommy!"

    Haha, bike cops...they crack me up too! Definitely a good concept for a comedy starring Jack Black or Seth Rogen. - MH

  4. As I read this, the theme song from cops is running through my head!

    I would have loved to be there for Pizza Friday!

    This reminded me of a story from when I was a little girl and my parents lived in Denver. They were lighting fireworks and a cop came to the door...asking if anyone was lighting them. My Dad turned his back to the door to asked his guests if anyone had been lighting fireworks and everyone said NO. The thing is...there were fireworks in my Dad's back pocket.

    He got a ticket......

  5. Always fun to have the cops show up when you've invited loads of friends to your house...This story will be stretched into something unrecognizable by the time your kids are teenagers :D

  6. I love pizza friday! We usually have pizza fridays here during the school year, only we've been calling them "special movie night" because the kids get a movie with their pizza.
    I totally agree on hand grating the cheese! Nothing better than fresh moz!

  7. My family used to have pizza fridays too! But they used to order pizza. Not quite the same, but still a tradition. I can't believe you took a picture of the cops! That cracks me up! Are they cuties??
    Oh and I did notice that you are writing about something that happened a few weeks ago. Now I don't feel so bad for not writing about my trip to the beach last weekend yet!

  8. The pizza was fabulous and the police showing up made me feel cool for a minute:)

  9. Oh he deserved a slice! Glad you had fun.

  10. Pizza fridays sound delicious!

  11. Sounds delicious! As for the fireworks and the police officer, you should go see Aliens in the Attic. ;)


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