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When I started blogging I was really naive. Honestly I didn't have a clue about writing code, blogging culture, commenting, the who's who of the blogging world, and then a whole gamut of things that accompany being a blogger. The lessons I've learned are endless. When I sat down at my computer and started Eat Play Love, I thought I'd just write in my little anonymous corner of the world. Little did I know I started to weave a web. Interconnectedness is what has blossomed out of my blog and I am no longer just a face behind an avatar.

Now, I'm a blogger that now gets together with people I've met online through my blog. Some bloggers come to my home, some bloggers invite me to their homes, lots of bloggers come to meet ups, some bloggers meet me at Ikea, and some bloggers I run into randomly on a street corner in NYC. By meet ups, I mean gatherings at local coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, and bigger venues. And all those "some bloggers" are considered friends.

Just around the corner is the ultimate blogger meet up, the BlogHer Conference. Women and a few special men will be traveling around the country to gather in Chicago to make IRL (in real life) connections with people they know virtually. It's not just a social event, there are a range of sessions on topics if you want to make it a learning experience as well. There's a part of me that is sad that I won't be attending, but hey there's always next year. Sometimes I just feel like a tiny little bitty blip in the blog world and that I am not quite "big enough" to attend.

But, it just so happens I don't need to shed a tear about my absence from the biggest blogging event of the year. I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend the Pre-BlogHer meet up right in my neck of the woods. The best part, I was able to meet with local bloggers I hadn't met before and also catch up with some of the familiar faces I've been getting together with for over a year now.

Here we are (i'm 2nd from right in white shirt): Pictured: CrazyBlogginCanuck, TheBlogFrog, CrunchyDomesticGoddess, WeeblesWobBlog, ThisMamaCooks! *Photo was taken by Jen, a talented photographer and chef, whom I was thrilled to meet. Check her out over at Use Real Butter!

I feel so lucky to have started a blog on a whim and walked away with such an amazing group of people I can call friends, that inspire me every single day.


  1. Blogging is amazing! The internet, in general, has changed my life in so many great ways. I met my husband online, 12 years ago. I connected with an amazing group of women over six years ago on a cookbook website that happened to have a message board. We are all kindred spirits and some of them have become my closest friends. We all visit each other and our families often. I have even made a connection with a woman who recently moved cross country to my state. We connected because her best friend and I read each other's blogs! Simple as that!

  2. I so wanted to go to BlogHer because it is so close to where I live, but it is also very close to my due date. Not sure I want to risk it. ;)
    Still, I would love to eventually meet some of the wonderful bloggers I've befriended.

  3. So fun that you got to meet all those bloggers! I think going to BlogHer would be so much fun - we should both try to go next year, okay?!

  4. I feel sad about not going too... I'll be at the beach for a family vacation, but I don't know if I really could have justified the expense this year anyway (probably not). But I'm going to make next year a definite though (and keeping my fingers crossed for the East Coast so I can drive!) So hopefully I'll see you there!

  5. It was so awesome to meet you TWICE! Come hell or high water...I am going to BlogHer10. I have finally convinced my husband that I'm kind of a big deal. LOL!

    *connie opens a savings account for BlogHer10*

  6. I don't think there's a blogger too "small" to attend Blogher, or else I wouldn't be attending! :)

    My favorite recent blogging interconnectedness story is posting a comment on a blog only to realize the poster ahead of me was a girl I was in girl scouts with and I've known since I was 6. It is all about interconnection.

  7. Amen. I wish you were going because I'd love to meet you.

  8. To be honest, I had as much fun there as I have at BlogHer--not nearly as overwhelming. Next year, let's have an entire Colorado contingency go together!

  9. Blogging rocks! I sometimes wonder how and why I got started, considering I'm not usually brave about anything. Now I just look forward to it so very much. The connection I feel to other bloggers is great! No BlogHer for me-- I felt too small potatoes for it-- but I can't wait to hear what others experience there.

  10. still.
    we will MISS YOU.

    It's my first one so I shall bumble on through and report back :)

  11. So very true...I think you put my own feelings into words there. How neat that you were able to go to that!


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