John Hughes Sampler: Amazing Film Legacy

When I heard the news of John Hughes passing, I was immediately taken back to my most impressionable years. Even though film making has evolved over the last couple of decades, John Hughes (his full work listed) ability to capture life as a teenager always left a mark on me. Although it's hard to name my favorite John Hughes movie, I would have to say Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Weird Science topped my list. I found the trailers, unfortunately many of the clips are being removed now because of terms violation. LAME.

Sixteen Candles, Original Trailer (Classic!)

Sixteen Candles, The Ending My favorite Part! (In Spanish!!!)

Pretty In PInk Trailer! (Duckie vs. Blaine)

Weird Science Trailer (My introduction to Robert Downey Jr.)

I almost feel bad stopping at those three, when I look over John's complete list of work, I have strong feelings of admiration for so many movies he made. When you can recite movies pretty much line for line, you know the impression they left on your life. Thank you John Hughes for making some of the best movies Hollywood ever produced. It's a shame you were never formally recognized by the Academy.


  1. I've always loved Weird Science because my boyfriend Bill Paxton is in it! But Sixteen Candles is my all time favorite.

  2. Loved all his movies - He was a big part of my formative years!! I still love to watch them even today!!

  3. My all time favorites were, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller and Curly Sue. Loved them, no matter how many times I saw them.

  4. brings back lots of memories. although the Spanish was a bit too much for me!

  5. Gosh, these are such classics!! Teen movies nowadays do not even compare. LOVED, LOVED his movies. Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink...I totally related to as an adolescent! I was a fan of Some Kind of Wonderful and She's Having a Baby. He always had great music in these movies as well. Now, I want to have a John Hughes movie night! :)- MH


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