Where Have I Been: Let My iPhone Lead The Way...

Lately, I've been seizing the moment and not spending much time in front of my computer. But my iPhone is always close by. During the past couple of weeks, I've been snapping photos on my iPhone that could've possibly accompanied a real blog post. Instead of writing a post, I'm allowing the photo mosaic to give a glimpse into what I've been up to so far in August. 

Top Row:
New adopted Doggie from the Humane Society
Tie Dye fun
Possible New Bed for GL?
Strawberry Mojito with Colorado Rum

2nd Row:
Sandbox Cupcakes
Peanutbutter Chocolate Cupcakes
Dollie on my potty
Girls night, wings and fries 10pm

3rd Row:
Annual check up, feet in stirrups
Large bug in my shower (undetermined species)
Weeding out, everything must go!
Giraffes at the Zoo

4th Row:
Empty Refrigerator
Oops Giraffes at Zoo! (wonder which one I skipped)
A NEW refrigerator
Amusement park fun

5th Row:
Breakfast in bed
Interesting 80's party
Hello bees nest in my shed!
Homemade cheddar animal crackers

6th Row:
Colorado beach time
Chair re-do
Boulder Creek
Denist visit (with really bad angle of chin)

That's it, that's my life in 24 photos and not many words. 


  1. Fun! Your puppy looks an awful lot like mine - Dublin! Love new appliances. Hate drs visits and bugs.

  2. I love your montage! Happy 2nd anniversary too! :)-MH

  3. Wow!! That is a huge nest in the shed. Nice feet in stir-ups:) LOL

  4. What a neat idea--I have been away a lot too--just part of summer :)
    How is your lip?

  5. want the cheddar animal cracker reccipe. The girls would love it!

  6. Great idea - happy 2nd birthday

  7. Congrats for having new doggie first of all...... secondly really apprecitate your idea...


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  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Great idea! Especially pretty chair. :D

  10. Love it. The stirrups and the chin with the no over it crack me up!

  11. Would you mind sharing the recipe for homemade cheddar crackers, please? My kids LOVE goldfish, but I'm just tired of buying stuff made with cruddy flour and added sugar. Thanks so much!


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