13 Reasons Why I'll Honk At You...

I've been spending plenty of time behind the wheel the past couple of weeks, with our new school commute. Today I've been inspired by all those folks on the road that think driving is a luxury like watching television. I think the one detriment to the safety and ease of driving today is that so many people take for granted how quickly things can turn dangerous for others when they multitask behind the wheel. You're not on your couch people, you are operating HEAVY MACHINERY!!!

I haven't hesitated to use my horn while driving and this is what some of the people on the road next to me have been doing:

1. Eating with a spoon, like a full on meal, while driving 50 miles per hour in the left lane of a 65 MPH highway.

2. Reading a book while driving on the same highway, book on steering wheel, driver in left lane of course.

3. Driving on a highway and trying to reach for something on the floor of your car or in the backseat, please note, not at a red light, ON THE HIGHWAY.

4. Texting or tweeting or updating your FB status, I don't know which, while driving so you inadvertently swerve into me as I am the poor soul lucky enough to be driving next to you.

5. I will honk at you if the rear door of your minivan pops open while driving and you don't realize it for at least 1/2 a mile. Oh and a piece of luggage falls out. Hi, um Wake Up!

6. Clipboard out on steering wheel and taking notes, jotting life lessons?

7. If you allow TWO children under the age of 5 play in the front seat of a car while driving on a major 4 LANE road in my town, not buckled in. Oh and one may actually take your glasses off while you are trying to operate the car.

8. If I know you and you are driving by!

9. If I am happily driving the speed limit (oh let's say 45) and you blow through a red light with out stopping to take a right on red and then I have to slam on my brakes to avoid totalling the rear end of your Nissan Sentra.

10. Applying makeup, namely eye make up or plucking eye brows. Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow. Beep, Beep, Beep!

11. Well I won't honk, but I will sure as heck shoot you daggers if you are smoking, windows rolled up, and you have small children trapped in the vehicle with you. Shame on you.

12. You have a dog on your lap while driving, casually sticking it's head out the window, or just nuzzling you. Oh so precious, NOT. I didn't honk, but come on people.

13. While driving you decide to eat a burger, sip a coke, while smoking a cigarette, and talking on your handheld cellphone. Oh don't think I won't.

Consider this my public service announcement. But in all seriousness, I wish people would take driving more seriously, your life could change in an instant.


  1. THANK YOU! Seriously. Grrrrr. People drive SO stupid, it makes me SO mad.

  2. If we rode anywhere together, we could be the honking twins. No one around here seems to understand my intense righteousness about the need to take driving seriously.

    That said, I can't resist this hypothetical regarding #4:

    "TOTALLY almost killed someone on the hwy just now! LOL"

  3. Excellent post I just read twice and am comment all while driving! Tee hee, couldn't resist. But this explains why I had a lot of people coming to my site from yours...thanks. Hate the dog in lap thing, why do people feel need to cuddle their dog while driving or laugh while it hangs it's head out the driver's window barking it's head off???

  4. Oh my gosh, I completely agree!!! My area has some crazies. Type A's that are speeding to work, forgot to shave and are ACTUALLY shaving in the car (yes, I was an eyewitness to this, the guy was BEHIND me). I quickly changed lanes when I could to get away! Another favorite was a guy FLOSSING his teeth, I kid you not, as I was getting onto a major highway to DC. CRAZY!!!!

    - MH

  5. I know!! It's like people forget that they're supposed to BE DRIVING when they're behind the wheel. That is THE TASK you're doing when in that seat. Period.


    You must honk your horn a LOT. ;)

  6. I'm laughing. And blushing. Does drinking your grande chai make the list? I never take a sip unless I'm just maintaining straight ahead forward progress.

  7. I once saw a woman folding large bath towels AND talking on her cell phone driving down a main highway here in NE Ohio-it was crazy! She was in the fast lane as well. I didn't honk, but I did have to pick up my jaw off the steering wheel.

  8. Well put, it's so true no matter how safe a driver you are it's other people you have to look out for. For some reason the dog thing is really bugging me right now....mumble mumble

  9. A few weeks ago I was driving next to a guy on the highway who had his cellphone nestled between his ear and his shoulder, was holding a coffee mug in one hand, and rifling through file folders with the other, all while maintaining a speed limit of 65. No hands on the steering wheel. In a convertible. Scary as hell.


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