Bento Tips: Plastic Bag Alternatives

Let me first begin with, we've been under a Winter Weather Advisory for a couple of days now! We were hit with a whopper of a storm (close to 2 feet so far), so the forecasters were actually right on the money. To top off all the snowy excitement school has been cancelled for TWO days in a row. Wow! 

I wanted to share a product i've been using for a few years now, they are a great alternative to plastic lunch bags. Yes, I know using a bento means not having to use plastic bags, but sometimes we do use bags for my daughter's snack at school. These wax bags by Natural Value are $2.99 for a box of 60 at Whole Foods. Or you can find them online here. My daughter is able to put these bags in the compost bins that they have through out her school. 

We love them and hope you will too!