Dusting Off Landscape With Red Cloud and Some Inspiration...

Have you ever played the question game where you write down three things about yourself, two that are true and one that is false? The object is to write down things that are true about yourself that others wouldn't believe. Well one of my favorite lines that I always used to trick others was, "I've had a painting displayed in a museum in New York". Yes, that's mine. It's a watercolor collage, brilliantly entitled (ha,ha) "Landscape with Red Cloud". The year was 1991 and I submitted a portfolio to the New York State Scholastic Art Awards. From my portfolio a sculpture and a painting were selected for regional display at the New York State Museum in Albany. My painting was actually awarded a gold key, which is the highest level of achievement at the regional level. It was then sent off to New York City (where I never saw it displayed) for national adjudication! Woah, big time. Well my painting wasn't selected for a National Medal, but the gold key was certainly special enough for me.

So what in the world inspired the tale of my painting?

I would consider this painting to be special, it tells a story. Or better yet it has a story. But where does it sit, tucked away in a paper portfolio in my guest room closet. Not a very happy ending for a painting that once was worthy of museum exhibition. A painting that allowed me to receive a hand-signed letter from my favorite New York State Governor, Mario Cuomo. 

But maybe it's more indicative of how I no longer nurture the artist within me. Sure I dabble in crafty things, I'll pick up a paint brush and join my daughters in some doodle painting, I'll sketch out something in crayola crayons from time to time. But I no longer set aside anytime to paint. Painting is the space where I always felt shy, but confident. I loved to push paint, which means I would just sit in front of a blank canvas and let the brush do the work. Not much planning or sketching, just organically creating art. Sometimes I'd fall for a painting I created and other times, I'd gesso over it and start again before the paint even had a chance to dry. I also very much enjoyed landscape painting. Sitting outside, paints sprawled around, easel up, with a majestic backdrop just off in the distance, and no worries about spilling paint or making a mess. Now, I live in Colorado where picturesque settings to artistically interpret in a painting are around every corner. How silly do I feel?

When I came across dusty ol' Landscape with Red Cloud I realized it's time to once again see what I'm capable of. I've put my brush down for close to 15 years. And if I'm trying to be more present instead of falling back on two vices to escape, painting may just fill the void. 

Before I put my paintbrush to the canvas, I've committed to framing Red Cloud. It should be hanging in my living space, providing me with a glimpse of inspiration day in and day out. 

My painting among the competition, looks rather small, huh? Hey so is the Mona Lisa:


  1. I love it! Please post more images of what you do.

  2. What's stopping you from doing more?

  3. It is a beautiful piece of artwork, and you should be very proud! I think you should pick up this hobby again - you're talented and it will be great for you! I hope you start this up again! Art is a wonderful thing...

  4. I think it's beautiful! Great idea for avoiding a vice. I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful work!

  5. I cannot believe that is not gracing the walls of your living room! It deserves lots of attention! Keri

  6. Such a beautiful painting! I would love to see more works from you. - MH

  7. I had no idea you were a painter...and a good one at that! Frame it girl, and show us more:)

  8. You must frame and display that beautiful painting.

    I can't wait to see what other creations are within you!

  9. I hope you'll show us what you do.


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