Panda Bento: Turkey Sandwich, Mandarin Oranges, Tortilla Chips

In August, I walked into Peppercorn in Boulder and happened upon bento lunch boxes! Jackpot. I snatched up this adorable Panda Bento for Sj. It contains two compartments both the same size and stackable, the lower compartment nestles into the top one, and the top compartment comes with a separate sealing lid before putting Panda's cute face on top! The Hello Kitty Bento, is a snack bento picked up at a Japanese gift shop in Vancouver, BC.

For lunch, I packed your basic Diestel all natural herbed turkey breast with Cabot vintage cheddar on Rudi's organic 7 grain bread. Usually I cut out the bread with cute cookie cutter shapes, but I guess I wasn't in the mood this morning. Sj always likes mustard, whereas GL prefers mayo. Whatever you do, don't confuse the two! For the upper compartment I used silicone cupcake baking-cups which are awesome because they are pliable and they are re-usable to hold and separate the mandarin oranges, tortilla chips, and a little dessert! The dessert is little mushroom shaped chocolates from Japan that we purchased at our local Asian Market.

After stacking Panda together and putting on his cute band, I also prepare the other items that I place inside the lunch box with the bento. I always include an Easter Egg with a hand wipe for Sj to clean up before lunch. The purple lady bug is a freezer pack I use on the days I pack a sandwich containing meat. I put the freezer pack on the bottom, place the bento on top, and the egg sitting next to it! Voile, lunch is ready to go.

We have a variety of lunch boxes/bags for Sj to take to school. Each bento fits well in some bags, but not in others so I like a variety to choose from.


  1. I love that! The panda is sooo cute!

  2. Ok, that panda is just super cute! I was interested to see that my way of doing lunch is not that different, though I don't have cute boxes. Maybe I need to remedy that. :) I always like to give L small amounts of a number of choices: dried and/or fresh fruit, nuts, crackers, sometimes baby carrots, main dish, sometimes dessert. Right now I just use tiny tupperwares to pack everything. L doesn't need a packed lunch this year, but these might make a cute christmas present to prepare for next school year. Thanks for sharing!!!


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