Welcome A New Adventure... Bento Lunch Making!

For a couple of years now, I've been dabbling in Bento Lunch making, after J returned home from Japan with a bento lunch box for Sj. Now I'm packing a daily bento. So what else is there to do? 

Blog about it. 

Please welcome Colorado Bento! It's going to be a journey into all things American Bento. What's even better, I have Jen as my partner in crime so I'm not going this alone. 

Join us and learn about Bento lunch making!

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  1. I LOVE bento boxes.
    I do something kind of similar for my 4 year old (almost) everyday for lunch. We call it a 'cupcake lunch' where I get a muffin tin and fill it with small amounts of good food. A few grapes, a carrot stick, one square of a turkey sandwich. He loves it and eats everything!

  2. I love Bento Boxes and have been threatening to get some.

    Now you've given me a reason....

  3. Nice Job!!! Good luck on this new and exciting project! Keri

  4. I so need to get a Bento box for me and the fiance, they look so awesome!


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