Where Have I Been? The iPhone Trail Part2

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I was surprised to see my First edition of Where Have I Been? was in August! I think uploading my iPhone photos once a month and taking a look at them as a collective is fun to do. Obviously I took way more then 28 photos, but these are the ones that made the cut this round.

Instead of list them by row, I'm going to start at the top and just talk about them!

After my post on Wednesday, I wanted to start anew and one of the things I had to do for that to happen was to throw away the remnants of a birthday cake. Our sock puppets turned out to be much more of a family fun activity than I anticipated, we even made a make shift puppet show. Maybe next round i'll share a photo that looks like a little inappropriate puppet action. A late night self portrait. Oh one of my favorites, a delivery of cupcakes from 90210, Sprinkles Bakery.

On 9/11, I took my girls to a local memorial, I feel lucky to have a place to gather and help educate the girls. My little helper, grocery shopping. The fruit fly epidemic and my trap! It worked wonders. Growing up I loved Fluff in my hot chocolate or peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches. When a girlfriend found it locally (it's made in New England) I ran off to buy a tub. Yum.

Lunch at the Kitchen when my hubby surprised us with a three day getaway during his 16 day trip. Oh, raspberry picking and a trip to Berry Patch Organic Farms, salsa verde amazingly fresh and delicious. A self portrait the day of my new haircut, bangs after 20 years, the photo looks weird to me. The wildfires in California made their way through the atmosphere and clouded our view of the mountains.

A beautiful vining flower at my daughter's school, nothing better than being surrounded by gardens at a school. A hotel room with a view, it looks like Florida or California to me, not Colorado. Class pets, two little guinea pigs my daughter's favorite. A sunset from the back of my car, we were watching an airshow!

Lunch again, this time at Sushi Tora with a couple of fabulous friends in town for a wedding, my girls love sushi. Breakfast in bed, enough said. A birthday treat at lunch, one of many, boy is my girl lucky! A close up of the birthday cupcakes I made to celebrate Sj's big day!

More cupcakes, 48 total, 24 strawberry and 24 vanilla with chocolate frosting, 100% from scratch. A birthday girl's bowling party! The streamer fairy always comes on the eve of a birthday, once again she graced us. Fruit kabobs for treats to celebrate with Sj's classmates, due to allergies fruit is the best way to go, healthy-portable-delicious!

Some Blue Dog art work up at Sj's school. A beautiful moment by myself on the trails in Boulder. My GL seizing the moment of playing with her big sister's new birthday toys while she's off at school, tee hee. And yes, I really did cover up my television and unplug it, I have to admit I didn't miss it until about 9pm!


  1. May I say, this is far far more satisfying than anyone's traditional scrapbook. Excellent photos, fun commentary.

    And I am on the edge of my seat waiting for inappropriate puppet action...

  2. LOVE the idea and how is it I have no heard of iPhone Mosaics? Most of the pictures I take with my phone just sit there. I'd love to put them to great use like you!

  3. That iphone takes some good pictures;)

  4. I love the montage! So glad the birthday party was a success. Sounds like things are busy and going well. :) - MH


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