Dads Can Bento, Too?

Our morning bento routine, usually skips my husband. A couple days a week, he does pack our daughter's lunch. But usually his style is more, wax bags thrown in the lunch box. He's not really into the art of getting everything to fit pretty in the bento. BTW, may I add, I am almost embarrassed publishing these posts. I've recently become enamored with some bento geniuses and I feel, well quite amateur. But it's me, maybe we'll have the honor of one day looking back at my start, to see how far I've come. That's what I am telling myself.

With that said, I am super proud of my husband's attempt this morning! Almond butter and jelly sandwich, Cabot vintage cheddar cheese and Back To Nature Crackers, a chopped up kiwi, and a little chocolate tucked in the side. I love it and I loved it even more that I didn't have to make it. Just kidding, but it is nice to have a break sometimes.

In the mean time, I was packing snack for the class instead. Chopping ten kiwis and two pounds of strawberries.


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