Friday Confession: It's Gone Too Far, This Mom Needs A Vacuum

I was sadly disappointed this morning when my girls woke me from a sound sleep. I immediately opened my eyes and felt grumpy. I wasn't upset because my girls woke me too early, I was well rested. The problem? I was in the middle of a dream, a wonderful dream. Believe it or not, it wasn't a beautiful dream involving anyone from England.

Rather, this dream involved my new vacuum. I was practically singing, heck there may have even been birds chirping, as I was trying out my new vacuum on my area rug. I recall joyfully listening to the sound of things being sucked up, proving how inferior my old vacuum was. I was so impressed by the power of my new home cleaning device. It was like a Dyson, but smaller. Maybe Dyson has a mini-version in the works? It had special settings for hard wood floors. It had an attachment with a dog brush on it, it sucked up the hair as you groomed. It barely made any noise, so Milo just sat delighted at his massage. Yes, it truly was a dream. 

Now I sit here thinking, my goodness I've lost my mind. Dreaming of new vacuum cleaners. And even worse, feeling disappointed when I awoke to realize I was dreaming. Maybe it's my fault, I've had vacuums on the brain. The dog hair these days is driving me bonkers and I even asked my friends on Twitter what they use:
Santa if you're out there... This may be a sign. The 10 year old Hoover Wind Tunnel clearly has seen better days. I already have visions in my head of saying goodbye to this old clunker... And quite frankly, I'd like to resume dreaming about things that truly one would consider to be a fantasy.


  1. I feel your pain. Last night I dreamed of a carpet rake, which sounds really dirty but isn't. It's a silicon nubbin thingamabob that pulls up the dog hair better so it can be vacuumed up. I just can't swing the Dyson Animal vac I want, though I've told Tom I will love him forever if I get one for XMAS. The thing is, my carpet rake is supposed on its way, but hasn't been delivered yet. Methinks it may have been lost. :(

  2. The dyson is totally worth the investment. We love ours. Costco has sold it in the past. - MH

  3. We have a Dyson animal, designed for pet hair. love it. We got ours discounted through Bestbuy.


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