Great Interview Experiment, Meet Motherhood in NYC!

Thanks to twitter, I have come to know many bloggers I read in a different way. Twitter allows a glimpse into small moments, which one may consider more intimate because an update typically hasn't been mulled over and edited like a regular blog post. Two writers that I really enjoy for their wit and sense of humor on twitter are Neilochka and MarinkaNYC.

Neil who writes, Citizen Of The Month, has created the Great Interview Experiment on his blog and this is my first year participating. Lucky for me, I was given Marinka aka Motherhood in NYC to interview.

Let the interview begin, for the record this is my first blog interview ever. I liked it, in a Chelsea Handler, not Barbara Walters kind of way...

Denise: I personally adore your sense of humor and always find myself laughing when I read your posts. Can you give us insight into how to find the humor in everyday situations?

Marinka: No, I'm sorry, that's a trade secret. But I think what I find humorous is exaggeration. My husband calls it "hysterical extrapolation". I just asked him about it and he said "you take one small thing and blow it up way out of proportion." Which is a complete lie and I've never ever done that in my life. Except I do it every day.

Denise: I'm just going to assume you eat cupcakes. My big burning question for you is Billy's Cupcakes or Magnolias? And what's your favorite flavor?

Marinka: I have never tasted Billy's. Because cupcakes are girls. Also, like a true New Yorker, I think that Magnolia is totally overrated. My favorite is the Cupcake Cafe, which has its main store on 9th Avenue, near the Port Authority and another spot at The Books of Wonder bookstore. Really, those cupcakes are like works of art. And there's nothing more delicious than art. My favorite flavor, like any normal person's, is chocolate with chocolate icing.

Denise: Can we talk about your avatar? While I adore the photo of your neck and beautifully coiffed hair, are you ever going to turn around?

Marinka: That photo was taken on my wedding day. After my second wedding I'll turn around.

Denise: Three bloggers that come to mind, that we all should have in our reader?

Marinka: insert obligatory there are too many blogs to mention here. But the ones that I've been reading since I discovered blogging and consistently love are Classy Chaos, Mamabird Diaries, The Bloggess and Queen of Shake Shake. Yes, I know that that's four. I'm having a four for the price of three visit.

Denise:If I came to the city for a visit and asked you to hang out, would you meet me and where would you take me?

Marinka: What, suddenly I have to take you around?
I love The Cowgirl Hall of Fame ( a restaurant) and then The Duplex, a piano bar. I went there with Vodka Mom and Comedy Goddess and Smart Ass Mom last year and it was so much fun.

Denise: Husbandrinka calls and tells you to pack your bags for the weekend because he's planned a getaway. Where did you think he'd take you on a whim? And what essential items would you pack?

Marinka: My Vivienne Tam mini computer, my Swiffer duster, oh. But really, a computer, my cell phone and charger and a book. Because I will never again go anywhere without a book. Also maybe a pair of jeans and a sweater. The last time that Husbandrinka and I went on a weekend getaway, we went to Quebec City, so that's what I'm envisioning for this getaway.

Denise: Last year you joked that you blog because you don't have the time, energy, or patience for writing a book. A year later and you're writing a book. How's that going, is it what you envisioned writing a book would be like?

Marinka: I started working on my MS (ahem) just last week. I keep emailing everyone I know things like "I'm working on my MS. I'm lonely!" I'm pretty sure that they are all in the process of blocking my email address. But it's going pretty well. Help me.

Denise: Do you like feet?

Marinka: The only body part that I hate more than feet is the belly button. Please don't mention feet again.

Denise: What's your favorite part of twitter, blogging, or your online life?

Marinka: The instant gratification. People respond, I get to interact with them, all without putting on makeup.

Denise: Do you think Brooklyn is really far away and do you hate going uptown?

Marinka: I do think that Brooklyn is far and I don't like going uptown.

Denise: Have you been to Colorado and what's the first thing that comes to mind when you read the word, Colorado?

Marinka: I've never been to Colorado and the first thing I think about is John Denver.

Denise: How do you feel about Bloomberg spending $100,000,000 on his mayoral campaign?

Marinka: It's his money, so I wasn't outraged. Except for that part of it that he spent having people call my house nonstop to ask if I'd be voting for him. Which I didn't.

Denise: Share with us something you love to do for yourself, that makes you happy?

Marinka: I get a massage every month. It's with a woman who does body work and she helped me a lot with my TMJ and back pain, so I call her it my physical therapy. It's a complete luxury and I love it. 

I would just like to end with a thank you to Marinka. She lives in an area of NYC that I spent time in last fall visiting an old friend, so I had fun focusing questions on her neighborhood. People who live in the West Village have an interesting psyche and Marinka solidifies my theory! I hope you take a moment to check out her blog, if you are the only person in the blogosphere that isn't reading her yet!


  1. Great interview! I love your blog, and I love Marinka's blog, and I love Neil's blog... so this was totally fun to read! :) Great questions, and of course, great answers.

  2. What a fun interview. I've wondered about Marinka's avatar, too. Need to check out Neil's blog.

  3. Thank you for the fun interview! And for putting it in red! (Is that because I'm Russian and you suspect me of Communism?) xo

  4. What an awesome project. And this is such a great interview! You asked a lot of good questions :)

  5. Is Journalism in your near future? Interview...vlog... I think you'd be great at it! :) - MH

  6. John Denver? The best she could come up with was John Denver? That is so wrong.

  7. Great interview! AND you've spared the blogosphere by providing a valuable service--after reading your questions, mine won't be nearly as dull as I was planning.

    Marinka's blog is uniformly incredible. I can't wait to read her book.

  8. Awesome interview.

    And I just adore Marinka. She is just brilliantly funny. And I'm not just saying that because she mentioned me.

    I swear.

  9. Great interview and great idea for a blog post. Bravo all around.

  10. Great interview! Your questions were perfect Denise.

  11. Well that was fun, since I love you both!

  12. Brilliant interview. And I am just saying that so that Marinka WILL mention me NEXT TIME. Bloody hell, so damned unreliable....

  13. What a great interview! I love your blog, and adore Marinka's so this was a fun meeting of the minds to read :)

  14. Let's both go to the city together and then eat Cupcake Cafe cupcakes in front of Marinka.


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