Hot Bento: Quick & Easy Pantry Lunch; Mac N Cheese, Edamame, Canned Pears

I will be the first to admit, that about once a week I don't have it in me to pack a beautiful fresh lunch. Some mornings, I need quick go-to items from my pantry to help me with lunch duty. Typically it's because I am out of fresh fruit or bread, turkey or almond butter. Usually there is an essential component missing from our refrigerator. So, I always make sure I have emergency pantry items on hand, for backup. 
I don't mind making macaroni and cheese in the morning, it just takes about ten minutes. I buy Annie's by the case at Costco, so I always have mac 'n cheese on hand. While the pasta is cooking I can prepare the items to accompany my daugher's mac 'n cheese. Recently we tried edamame in her lunch, I only had the version in the shell (from the freezer section), so I shelled some, put it on tooth picks, and then tossed in a few extra in their shells. She loves to eat edamame out of the shell, so that was a treat to her! In the second cup, I had some canned pears, chopped it up and that's it!
Thank goodness for those pantry lunches, on a day when I am out of items. Faster than I know it, we are good to go!  What are some items you stock in your pantry that you keep on hand as your morning emergency go-to's??? 


  1. I love the edemame on a stick! Good Job Mom!

  2. Bravo with the edamame! Very cool idea.-MH

  3. How did you keep the Mac and Cheese fresh? Is it ok to not keep it refrigerated and then how to warm it at school? My son is super picky and will start school lunch next year. I don't know what I will do, but mac and cheese is one thing he will eat, I just don't know how to send it. I don't have a Bento, just found you on Rocky Montain Moms, I already love them. My grandparents are currently in Japan, maybe they can pack a couple home.


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