Looking Back At Our Family Tradition: Warren Miller Style

When I joke about my husband chasing snow, it's really not a joke. He actually does scour the ends of the earth searching for the best and freshest snow to capture on film, every year. Oh and when I say FILM, I mean real 16MM Kodak Film. He is an integral part of making the annual feature length ski movie for Warren Miller Entertainment. The long and short of it is, he started out as an intern over a decade ago and let's just say he's climbed the ladder over the years. The tradition has always been to have a Friends and Family show at the Boulder Theater on a Saturday afternoon. The friends that have joined us have come and gone, some have stayed, and our family has grown. I always look forward to seeing the familiar faces at the Friends and Family show. To my friends who make it out, thank you it means the world to us.

I was just looking back at the photos and thought I would share. 

Last year 2008, Warren Miller's Children of Winter. This photo was randomly taken by a real photographer as you will easily see by the ones following.
These photos, are from 2007. Warren Miller's Playground. The perfect photo doesn't always happen on the first shot, especially wrangling the three of us:

Voile! Only if it was in focus....
Warren Miller's Off The Grid, circa 2006 or a 8 month pregnant me. Ugh. 
The year was 2005, Warren Miller's Higher Ground:
This was Sj's second Warren Miller movie, Impact. 2004. 
I don't think we got a shot in 2003, as I had a month old baby and we left at intermission. I was a nervous wreck taking my first born out into the crowds. I just remember her screaming half the car ride home as we were stuck in traffic from a CU Football game....

Oh the memories.. Today we'll grab a new family photo and add another year to memory book!


  1. I'd say that is a pretty darn cool family tradition. Much better than other boring ol' pastimes out there. :-)

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  3. Very cool tradition!!!
    I hope you have a great night :)

  4. Such great pictures! I'm sure it was a success! - MH

  5. That is a very cool tradition, I want to see this year's picture, as well!

  6. With a family tradition like this, how can your girls not be amazing skiers?


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