Meet Big Green Couch...

This post is dedicated to my couch, my first real couch, that was purchased from the one and only American Furniture Warehouse. If you live in Colorado, you know AFW very well. If you don't, well just count your blessings. The owner Jake Jabs is a very charismatic man who likes wild animals to accompany him in a stream of never ending television commercials. But back to my couch. It as purchased seven years ago when we moved into our new home, our first home. When we purchased the couch, we went the route of AFW because it was affordable. It took hours to find something that had simple lines and plain fabrics.

Those simple lines in a sea of polyester southwest printed recliner lounging sectionals (as Jake ironically is modeling above), was a breath of fresh air. Heck, we even bought a matching oversized chair and ottoman to go with it. The sky was the limit at AFW. But let me end the wait, I'd like you to meet Big Green Couch.
Big green couch today is the kind that you almost sink to the floor in and really want to ask for an extra hand to help you get up from. But the beauty of big green couch is that the covers are machine washable, even if the washing over the last seven years makes those cushion covers no longer match the rest of the sofa. Washable covers are essential to me with the girls and the dog (who is NOT allowed on our furniture). Take for example Sunday, GL puts her smoothie on the arm of big green couch and big black dog milo's tail comes sauntering by and knocks the smoothie off the arm of the chair. Not onto the floor, but rather onto the couch, spilling on the cushions and the inside arm of the couch. Although it was a gigantic blueberry smoothie mess, it wasn't that big of a deal simply because it was big green couch. I mean really how could I get upset at the beast that's seen much worse?

Most simply stated, I'm a bit over big green couch. It's been such a good investment over the years. It has served my family well. But I can't help but peruse websites for a new couch. For big green couch's replacement. If someone said, ok Denise your time has come, go pick out whatever you want. This is what I would choose:Crate and Barrel's Canterbury Sofa. I'm at the phase in my life when I am not trying to find a couch to settle on, out of a warehouse of couches that aren't even close to my style or aesthetic. I want a beautiful couch, with some round lines. I'm not a huge fan of hard square edges. That's why the Canterbury is right up my alley. Oh and the lack of cushions in the back is even better. I've been jaded by my AFW big green couch and the filling of the back cushions has become all worn out and so they stick out into half of the seat cushions, which really annoys me. And to top off the beautiful look of Canterbury, it's eco-friendly. Click on the link for details.

I don't think it's time yet to commit to Canterbury, even though I find it affordable. I am instantly brought back to Sunday and the smoothie incident and if that happened around Canterbury, I think I would have cried and lost it. Gasp at the thought. Maybe I'll keep big green couch around until the IKEA opens up in Denver. Then invest in a reasonably priced sofa that can get me through the last of the sticky fingers, I spill everything, toddler years.

Then, just then, I hope Crate and Barrel still makes Canterbury because I can see it fitting right in my living room.

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  1. That is one good looking couch! We have a chair from Land of Nod (C & B's kid stuff), and it's very easy to care for and stands up to the grime. Of course, the fabric we chose is designed to do just that.

  2. i like your new dream couch. i have one picked out, too, if i ever get rid of my 30+ year old couch. it is very streamlined and, yes, no back cushions to deal with!

  3. We had a big green couch too. And I LOVED it. It was HUGE and SQUISHY and COMFORTABLE and EASY TO CLEAN. But it was also kinda ugly and massive. When we moved from the old house to here the thing was too big to get down our basement stairs and didn't go with our current family room so we gave it away. The new couch looks better, but it just isn't quite as comfy. I miss my big green couch. :(

  4. I have two beautiful (cushion less) couches that are in desperate need of re upholstery. One is even (or "was") WHITE!

    But until my children don't climb all over them (even though they are not allowed to do that), I'll have to leave with the frays and the stains...

    Love your pick. It's looks like it would fit both you and your husband's style preferences (gleaned from comments you've made on my site).

  5. When I moved into my big girl apartment (at the age of 32), I went to AFW and purchased my dream couch! It was also green and was so fluffy and comfortable.

    10 months later....Keith and I bought our first house and the couch was too big to go down the stairs and we sold it.

    I was heartbroken!

  6. that's too funny--we just bought a couch at AFW a few weeks ago! i love the crate and barrel one you're liking

  7. I never really understood what those wild animals have to do with furniture, not to mention they could go to the bathroom on it or tear it up while filming, but it does provoke attention!!! Like the C and B couch! Keri

  8. Love that couch! Yes, we still have our big green couch too. Going on 9 years!!! OH MY!! I think we'll be ready for new furniture when we permanently settle within the next few years God knows where. - MH


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