Notes From A Tall Woman's Bathtub...

Breaking tradition tonight, I am writing this post from my bathtub. No I don't have a laptop precariously perched on my lap. I have a clipboard, a ball point pen, and some recycled paper precariously perched on the edge of a water disaster. In case you were wondering, yes my tub is also brimming with as-hot-as-I-could-tolerate water and some bubbles. Or maybe lots of bubbles, but not Hollywood bubbles.

Right now I feel a bit like Rev. Run, communicating from my tub at the end of a long day. Except for these few simple facts; I am not a bald man, inspiring the world with quotes from my gorgeous tub in the master suite of my mansion, with some made for tv bubble product that makes bubbles that could rise to the ceiling if need be.

I am using the Body Shop's Spa Wisdom Dreamboat Milk Bath to create my bubbles. It has a wonderful floral fragrance. Years ago I was an At-Home consultant for the Body Shop and I still have random products kicking around. They don't go bad, right?

Recently I've decided immersing myself in hot water for extended periods of time, until I can't take the shriveled up fingertips any longer, is absolutely delightful. Tonight my husband even placed a cup of hot tea and a lit candle on a little step stool next to the tub, which is usually reserved for my girls to reach the sink for proper washing up. But I go through phases with my interest in taking baths. I have an average sized American tub, but I am not an average sized American Woman. I'm 5'11". Which means, I have to decide at any given moment which part of my body I would like submersed in water because my entire body doesn't fit at once.

At one moment I may have my torso in the water, which means knees bent and freezing outside the water. Or I like to stretch my legs way up to above the faucet and let my legs make a nice 45 degree angle. Other times, I place my legs in the tub, in fetal position to warm them up. Or I have legs in torso out. Usually by the end of my bath, I flip like a fish and just rest my head on my folded arms, torso in, naked bottom exposed in the cool air, knees bent with calves and feet up in the air out of the water. Bath time, it's really a juggle. If you are of a shorter stature and fit comfortably in your tub, see what your missing not being oddly-tall?

I could use Rev. Run's tub, big time. Note to self, next house must have real sexy deep soaking tub.

The peace calm and quiet all seem to suddenly come to a halt when my daughters start to inquire as to where I could be. "Mom, MOM! Where are you?" says my oldest daughter. Then giggles follow as two sets of feet come stomping up the stairs. My bathroom pocket door opens, "Ooh, mom is taking a bubble bath," she squeals. My youngest daughter quickly chimes in, "I want in". Before I know it our Black Lab's snout is in for the inquiry to top it off. I'm right at his level, so he tries to sneak in a face lick. Eew.

In the moment I am trying to reclaim the calm, serenity, hot bath escape.

My tea gets quickly put on the floor. My daughter disrobes. The other one hops on the toilet. They are soaking their stinky little toes in my bath faster than lightening. They are grabbing handfuls of bubbles and smearing them on Milo's fur, just giggling with entertainment.

I wish my tub was big enough for me to just simply disappear into the depths of the water, out of sight.

Finally I convince my husband to shoo the girls out, but by now the water is cold and not as soothing as it was just moments before they burst in. I smile as they walk out the door. Even though they sabotaged my bath, I still adore them. Adore how they are so intrigued by fancy bubble bath and me trying to escape for a quick half hour in the confines of our home.

I let the drain out of the tub, but decided to stay in the tub. Have you ever felt the water draining out of the tub over your body? I spread out my finger tips at my side, felt the gravitational pull of the water over my body, legs out of course. What an interesting sensation and way to end a bath.

Very soothing. Very delightful.


  1. What a delightful post! It sounded lovely.

    I'm only 5'5", and our master bathroom doesn't have a tub. The kids have one and it is puny and shallow. I find taking a bath in there to be cold and unenjoyable. Your husband sounds like a sweetie!

  2. I guess that's another bonus for being a shorty :) My kiddies love the bubble baths too. I purposely lock my door so I can have my peaceful time. So cute about the girls. I can see them wanting to join their mommy :) - MH

  3. I love baths, it's my favourite part of staying in a hotel the huge tub, and the endless hot water!

  4. THis was delightfully written! I'm not a bath person. It would require me to, you know, CHILL OUT.

    Heaven forbid. :-)

    My hubby on the other hand? Almost daily!

  5. I'm 5'5" and dream of a tub that I can fully submerge in. I do think I could replace the one tub in our house with a deep one, but then I think I'd rather have a outdoor hot tub.

    I mostly enjoys baths in the winter months, because that's around the time I receive bath salts in my Christmas stocking.

    Happy soakings!

  6. What a lovely post my friend....

    I'm also oddly tall...and I love when I stay in a hotel with a large tub to accommodate me. The Venetian in Vegas....was lovely.

  7. My kingdom for a jacuzzi tub. Serious.

    I love bubble baths, but yeah, we have small tubs.

  8. I have not taken a proper bath in a really, really long time... it's such a great, relaxing thing, isn't it? You described it so well! :)

  9. I am right there with you in the not big enough tub department. I love bubble baths, but I hate that I don't fit so great in my tub. It's rather irritating.

  10. I have to confess - I don't really like baths...but then I'm also one of those freaks who hates massages. BUT I did love reading this. Really good story telling. I felt like I was in the room (not in a creepy way - of course).


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