Peppercorn in Boulder: Bento Selection

I stopped into Peppercorn on Pearl Street just a week ago to see what their current bento selection was. Here's a quick photo I took. It's kind of random, they were moving all their stock around on the floor and their bentos were actually on the floor! They are all from Japan and the price was about $22-$26 dollars each. I also picked up some Japanese cutters while I was there, it was a six pack of flowers and random shapes that are a bit sturdier then a regular cookie cutter. They have a thicker edge where you press down, to easily cut through harder vegetables and foods.

I thought maybe this would help some of you and save you the trip or encourage you to visit! The selection does have a nice variety that includes options for boys (which are harder to come by). This is where I purchased our panda bento, but they aren't currently stocking any. Click on photo to enlarge!