Realization From Halloween Night

Even though I posted about teachable moments yesterday, I had already written a post about the impact the senior citizens in my neighborhood had on me Halloween night. I am over at Rocky Mountain Moms Blog today, with the original post if you care to check it out, Remembering Our Seniors On Halloween Night


  1. I'd never really thought about this, but it's true. Maybe you and your girls could bake Christmas cookies or some other baked good, or maybe have them make painting or artwork to share with them once in a while. From the sound of it, I'm sure they wouldn't mind the visit :)

  2. How nice to have conversation with your neighbors. People just don't seem to do that anymore. Good for you. Especially the senior citizens. I always love talking with them and learn so much.

    We went trick or treating around our neighborhood too this year. It was really fun and actually we discovered one of Mr. E's classmates lives in our hood!-MH

  3. Our neighbour hood is like that too, nice to remember them at other times of the year too and not like you said just once a year.


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