Thursday 13: Ways Bloomberg Could've Spent the 100 Million Dollars...

Michael Bloomberg was re-elected for a third term as Mayor of NYC. The news headlines touted he spent 100 MILLION DOLLARS of his own money to finance his campaign. 100 MILLION DOLLARS. Say that again. Seems like a lot of dough to blow on an election. Many people mentioned the perk of using your own money is that no one bought him out by financing his campaign for their advancement.

But all I could think about is the state of our economy and how 100 MILLION DOLLARS would go a long way to help in so many different ways. Before I get to my list of ideas, I'd like to state some little facts I learned about Bloomberg when researching for this post.

Michael Bloomberg in 2008 made the top ten list of the wealthiest Americans. His place, eighth. Net worth, 16 BILLION dollars. So really 100 MILLION DOLLARS is like me going out and spending a thousand bucks. Gulp. In Bloomberg's defense, he is a well known philanthropist. He's given John Hopkins University 300 MILLION DOLLARS from 1996-2002. He's given away hundreds of millions of dollars to numerous organizations from small to big. In 2007, he contributed 205 MILLION DOLLARS to charity. I guess I can't really be down on him, he is doing good.

But what are some ways he could've spent 100 MILLION DOLLARS, other than chasing a third term as Mayor?

1. According to H2OAfrica a donation of $25 would provide safe drinking water to one person for life. Aka, 100 MILLION DOLLARS would provide 4,000,000 people with clean drinking water for life. Currently it is estimated 1.1 Billion people lack access to clean water around the world.

2. For $36.71 in New York City you can feed a family of 6 for Thanksgiving, with a donation to Box of Love. That would purchase approximately 2,777,777 boxes or feed 16,666,666 people. Their goal is to reach 7,000 families this year. Bloomberg could have done that for a mere, $259,000.

3. On October 30, there was a reported 8,930 families with children that were homeless in NYC. 37, 562 total. You don't need math to know even a mere 1,000,000 dollars could change homelessness for many of those people.

4. Students living in poverty are more than likely attending an underfunded school. On average schools in poor neighborhoods are receiving $1,500 less PER PUPIL compared to wealthier schools. Being a teacher, I know it's those underfunded schools that need at least $1,500 more per pupil than the average school. Bloomberg's money could have helped about 67,000 students that attended underfunded schools.

5. Let's just say the average cost of a college education is $100,000 dollars. Bloomberg could have paved the way for 1,000 kids to go to college, with out debt, living the American dream.

6. It is estimated that at least 100,000 people are still displaced from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The population was 450,000 before the storm and numbers are just hovering around 309,000 now. This area still needs help. I am sure 100 MILLION DOLLARS would make a difference.

7. According to Feeding America a $1 donation provides 9 pounds of food to hungry American men, women, and children. Can you say, hello 900 MILLION pounds of food? Incredible.

8. Donations across the country are down at charitable organizations in general. Heck pick out of a hat, 1,000 charities and knock their socks off with a $100,000 donation each. I am sure they would be forever indebted and I can't imagine how many lives that would in turn touch.

9. I wouldn't mind a small personal donation of like $1,000,000 it would certainly take the pressure off I've been feeling financially. Just think he'd still have $15 BILLION 999 MILLION to play around with.

10. 47 million Americans were without health insurance last year and that number is expected to rise to around 57-60 million by the end of next year. I am sure 100 MILLION DOLLARS could help change those numbers in a heart beat.

11. I can only imagine what charitable research organizations would do with 100 MILLION DOLLARS, say Livestrong, Breast Cancer, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord Injuries, March of Dimes, on and on... The world may be a different place.

12. A micro loan to change a persons life can be a donation as small as $700-$800 in a developing nation and approximately $5,000 in the United States. The money is given as a gift to help them start a business and fulfill a lifelong dream. Once again, 100 MILLION, would give many micro loans. Here's a link to a site that provides micro loans to women who are survivors of war to rebuild their lives. Women for Women.

13. I didn't even scratch the surface on animal saving charities, green charities for research and development on new technologies to stop our foreign oil dependence, charities to save endangered species and disappearing rainforests. The list would go on and on.

Yes, in reality New York City has a Mayor for a third term. But could you think of another way 100 MILLION DOLLARS could have changed the world?


  1. Preach on sister!!! What a great list of organizations and it really is sad that a race for mayor would EVER cost that much.

  2. Amen and Hallelujah! Now figure in just how much campaigns cost in general, and the stomach turneth.

  3. You do make a good point of all the charities/people in need. Yes, that is a lot of money, but all politicians spend a lot of money on their campaigns. I also feel people should have the choice on what to spend their money on. I recall Oprah saying how people would write to her requesting donations for this charity, that group of people in need and finally she said she had enough. She stated she'd decide on who to give her money to because it was hers, she worked hard for it and earned it. I see your point, but I also see the other side of it too. - MH


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