Vlog: Meetups, Blogging Conferences, Yes or No?


  1. You are so adorable!
    I went to BlogHer and I loved it for the most part, but it took a lot out of me. Like I had this huge writing block right afterwards because it felt like I wasn't blogging "just for myself" anymore, there were actually people reading it.
    But I do love meeting people in the flesh who I know online. So I hope you come to NYC for BH '10.xo

  2. How funny, I just saw that the first line I was typing is exactly the same as Marinka's. But seriously you are too cute. You are by far one of the most earnest bloggers I know - and that's a compliment from me because I love earnest people. They're my favorite kind.

    Anyway - I know how you feel. I'd be in the same boat. Small fish and all that.

    I don't go to many meet ups and conferences - but I've been to a couple. The smaller ones are always easier since there is less pressure and plenty of time to meet everyone there. The larger conference I went to (the BlogHer on the road one for DC) gave me an idea of how overwhelming the real thing would be.

    I've been a meeting planner and worked a lot of conferences - so I feel pretty comfortable navigating that environment (something I think may kind of throw the less experienced attendees) - but attending is different from working (where you always have somewhere to be and something to do).

    Luckily, I went with another small fish friend (Anna from An Inch of Gray) so we had each other if we felt lost in the crowd. That didn't happen though - and everyone was really friendly. Just like at the small functions.

    I found that if someone didn't know of my blog, they were interested in looking it up (the reason to have those cards that sound so pretentious until you actually need them).

    I immediately realized several things. First, you can't meet everyone, so you just have to look at the people standing right next to you. AND you'll proably miss people who you planned to see there - so if they are on your "must see" list, try to coordinate with them in advance.

    Second, it really does make sense to touch base with people you know in advance so you don't feel alone when you arrive. Even if you lose track of each other after the first hour, it's a nice way to ease yourself into the crowd.

    Finally, you just have to assume that everyone there would be happy to meet you, whether they're the founders of Kirtsy or other small fish you've never heard of. Everyone is there to make connections - so of course they'll want to talk to you.

    I'm hoping that I can make BlogHer in NYC work this year since it's so close by. I would have gone to Chicago - but it conflicted with a family vacation. Let's try to meet up there. You would absolutely be at the top of my list of people not to miss.

  3. I am totally nerveous about going to BlogHer '10, but I really do want to go... it sounds really overwhelming, and I don't know what I would leave with - what would my feelings be if a person whose blog I admire turned out to be mean (to me) in real life? I mean, that would suck... but I really do want to go, and meet so many people. For the most part, I've heard it is great fun. I would love to meet you, and the two commenters before me, too! How fun.

  4. I'd hang with you Denise. Two little pee-on fish in a pond of the elite.

    Sounds like a fun time.

  5. i thought about going to blogher, but i felt like too much of a fraud. even after the small d.c. blogher, i felt like this.

    i do want to go this year, i think, but just to meet and hang out with people whose blogs i read.

    i'm not in the mood to find out about advertising and techie stuff that just doesn't interest me.

    i don't want to leave feeling like i don't DO ENOUGH, you know?

  6. As you know...I went to SITScation this year and I loved that it was small and intimate. Even though there were only 70 or some ladies...I still didn't meet everyone I wanted to meet.

    Now that I've been to a conference...I want to go to another but I no longer want to go to BlogHer.

    I will go to SITScation again next year and there is a conference coming up this June in Park City that I'd like to attend.

    I love meeting folks in person on my own...that would be my favorite way. I loved meeting you!

    So are you around the week of Thanksgiving?

  7. So that's what you sound like, I never knew. No seriously I can barely bring myself to blog properly anymore, I only read people's blogs that I know in real life most of the time and when I venture out and get addicted to some others I straight up lurk! I know for shame. I blame facebook...I used to have such high bloggy aspirations and don't even get me started on twitter. You should go to a conference you'd enjoy it, and perhaps you don't go for the swag, but I bet it's still nice to get. :)

  8. I had a great time at BlogHer, but it was overwhelming. I thought it would re-ignite my writing, but it sort of had the opposite effect. I'm not sure why. That being said, I am looking forward to going again.

  9. Good question. I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old so I can't even manage to make it to the Denver meetups..... I guess I'll have to stick to my mac until I can get it all together a little better

    : )


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