Where Colorado Locals Go: Craving Authentic Country Style Japanese? Domo Restaurant

Domo is a little oasis in a sea of random apartment buildings, a pothole filled street, and empty lots. To top it off it sits on a light rail line. There are excessive signs warning to not leave valuables in the car. I glanced over at my husband as we walked hand in hand with our daughters into Domo. I initially thought, interesting pick husband.

The front door is delightful carved wood, it feels out of place from the neighborhood. Just on the other side, an amazing experience awaits. The dining room chairs were all small stools made from tree trunks, little nooks are carved out in the walls to house Japanese items from hair combs to paper umbrellas. A table at the entry way of the dining room holds large chunks of ancient salt. The girls couldn't have been more intrigued waiting for our meal, I was right there with them. My eyes were on a journey to see what else I could discover.

To top off the lunch, just on the other side of a large door sits another gem that Domo offers, a garden. A small footbridge, shrines, huts, carvings, a prayer wheel. The owner came out of the back kitchen door with a large root of some sort, holding it behind him like it was his tail. My daughters were lured in by his playfulness and wonderful spirit. They ran around, full of adventure, the garden has a magical feeling.
As for the food, just glance at the pictures below. There's no way this food could disappoint. It was fabulous! Each lunch came with three country side dishes and miso soup, brown rice or white rice with barley. Lunch Menu here.

J and I both had Genmai Cha (green tea and sauteed brown rice), served in handmade cups that just had this feeling about them, they fit perfectly into our hands. I couldn't put my cup down.
We started with Gyoza (dumplings), that may have disappeared before we could snap a photo!

I ordered, Nabemono with Kara Miso (chili and Japanese bean paste) and Sake Nabe (salmon and vegetables).

My husband ordered Japanese Curry (with salmon):

My girls shared a huge order of Teriyaki Donburi (chicken):

Domo is one of those places that doesn't just feed your body, it feeds your soul. Definitely worth a visit, we arrived right at the start of lunch service and rumor has it the place gets packed for dinner. There wasn't a free table by the time we left.


  1. I haven't been to Domo in so long. I might have to go there for dinner some night. Thanks for reminding me about it.

  2. Wow, this sounds neat! Totally makes me want to come to Colorado.

  3. I love Japanese food but "country" Japanese is new to me. I wonder if there is anything like this in the DC area...I want either of those salmon dishes right now!


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