Hot Bento: Mac N Cheese, Carrot Flowers, Pirate's Booty, & Red Peppers

This week started slowly. An entire week of break is a transition to bounce back from. Lucky for me, my husband has been packing Sj's lunch each morning. Which means, I don't have photos for posts. I think I need to get him on board, so we can have the "Dad Bento" perspective. He does a great job making a typical lunch and I am grateful for the help when I'm not back into the swing of things.

When I was cutting out the carrot flowers this morning, my daughter mentioned how she loves the creativity I put into her lunches (aka dad's been on duty all week). Really to cut out some flowers isn't very difficult. I will admit using the Japanese cutters I found made a huge difference. The flower cutters went right through the carrots like butter! As always, I put the carrot remains on the girls' plates with their breakfast. The gobbled them up first. Funny to think most people would discard them.
To accompany her carrot flowers, I cut up some red peppers. I added a small cup of Pirate's Booty, which I buy at Costco in the industrial size two packs. For a special treat I added some panda cookies, that are filled with chocolate from our local Asian Supply Store. The bento I used today is one typically reserved for my husband, but our daughter forgot her hot insulated bento yesterday! This was a first for her. So I am hoping to get a report that the stainless steel bento in an insulated lunch bag did keep somewhat warm.
As I write this, I realize I forgot a spoon. Oops...I'm sure I'll definitely hear about that today.

Disclosure: As I have shared in the past, I have not been paid or sent free products, which were mentioned in this post. I simply like to share the choices I make for my family, as we try to eat healthy and as organic as possible.


  1. I'm jealous your kids will eat that. :( Lunch-making is killing me!
    And where did you find the Japanese flower cutters?


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