When The Universe Is Your Cheerleader, You Can't Ignore It...

There are pros and cons to celebrating your birthday just two short weeks before one of the biggest gift giving holidays of the season. Con, at some point gifts evolve from birthday presents to Merry Christmas/Happy Birthday presents. Friends and family no longer decide to dig out cute polka dot paper for your gift, they use left over Santa paper. But with age, I've come to accept a December birthday as a blessing.

Why? The blessing of reflection.

I personally recognize birthdays as milestones. With milestones, one has the ability to take a moment to reflect upon the year that has passed. For me, I wondered if I accomplished meaningful things this past year, have I been kind and lived a conscious life? Then on the flip side, when blowing out the candles, hopes and wishes for the year ahead come rushing into my mind. Having a few weeks jump start on the New Year, I can begin working through my goals early, honing in on where to focus my energy come January 1st.

On Saturday, I was given the opportunity to blow out the candles on a beautiful cake. That day, leading up to the blowing out of the candles, I felt so much gratitude. I was in a beautiful art gallery, surrounded by girlfriends that I've met through various stages of my life. One of my oldest and dearest friends growing up was in the room, the girlfriends that arrived moments after giving birth to my hospital room, the girlfriends that have seen me with unwashed hair and a milk stained t-shirt over the course of my entry into motherhood, not once but twice. There were also girlfriends there that have only seen me with my best game face on. But the bottom line is, they all showed up that day for me. Just saying that, leaves me feeling so grateful.
I was asked to become a brand enthusiast for Nintendo. Part of the opportunity as a brand enthusiast is to have a Wii Fit Plus Party with a group of girlfriends. I kind of chuckle thinking how my life has come full circle. I loved Super Mario Brothers when I was growing up, even though ironically enough my family didn't own a Super Nintendo gaming system. My neighbors put up with me and my love for SMB morning, noon, and well into the night. Last October, I wrote about the girl that could save the princess. My husband and I have never owned a gaming system that quite spoke to me like the Super Nintendo of my childhood. After looking at my brand new Wii Fit in the box for a week, then being in the right place at the right time, we finally purchased a Wii for the family.

Recently Nintendo released the Wii Fit Plus. I personally think they should have called it the Wii Fit PLUS! in bold lettering with an exclamation point. The updates to the Wii Fit software are fabulous. Want to fit in a quick workout after overindulging, just simply click the routine that is programmed right into the software for you. Have family members that like to play together (even my 3 year old loves to try), simply click into multi-user mode and voile, no more clicking through the menus endless times. The four of us play after dinner and boy does time fly when your having fun! It all happens so seamlessly with the Wii Fit Plus.

Which brings me back to the universe. When I recognize the gratitude in my life, there's no denying the universe is my cheerleader. I've been struggling with about 15-20 pounds since giving birth 3 years ago. Sometimes the weight melts off when I least expect it and other times, I wonder who shrunk my jeans. Being 5'11" gives me the advantage of my weight fluctuating about 5-10 pounds really unnoticed, but I notice. I want to be slimmer. I want to feel healthy and have the glow of a woman that takes time to care for her body (as much as I care for my family). Becoming active has been a priority for me, that waxes and wanes. You can read more in my attempting to move posts. I feel like the Wii Fit Plus and the opportunity to become a brand enthusiast, is the gentle nudge I needed to focus on my goals. The beauty of the Wii Fit Plus for me, is that it's right here in my home, which is where I spend my days with my 3 year old. No need for babysitters, my husband to get home early to take care of the girls, nice weather, or money from my family budget. It also means no more excuses Denise, it's time to be the best you can be.

I can feel the motivation that exists from with in. Taking that motivation to the next step with fitness tools, is what will make 2010 (I'll be saying Twenty Ten) a year to remember. The year 15 or 20 pounds to lose becomes a thing of the past.

Fit and toned body, watch out I am coming to get you!!!

Look at that post-party glow...
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  1. Amen Sista!!!!! I am right behind you and I have your back!!! xoxo keri

  2. OMG!!!! That looks so cool~ love the post party glow pic, lovely!

  3. I'm right there with ya! 2010 is my year to drop the pounds that hide on my also tall body.
    And we're getting the Wii Fit Plus just as soon as I get off my butt and hunt it down. LOL

  4. Denise: I believe I know at lest one of those women, and only the allure of a decent red wine would drag her out at night. Might you be holding a little something back?

  5. I had a great time and thank you for inviting me. I know i will be using the new routines a lot more can't wait till January!

  6. I totally agree how birthdays are a milestone and a time for reflection. The Wii Fit looks fun. That's all that matters, whatever kind of exercise you enjoy. Like I said, you could invite a few friends over and do it together. Nothing like moral support :) - MH

  7. I am loving that Wii Fit Plus--my only issue if it is on, everyone else wants to join in the fun (even the three year old!!!)

  8. I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Those giveaways seemed to take up all of my blogging time and I barely wrote let alone read of commented. You look gorgeous as always and I have no doubt you can meet those fitness goals. I went to a Wii party too and am regretting the purchase of a Wii Fit a couple of months ago (one that I haven't used much) when I now have the PLUS. Not that I've even opened the box....thanks for the motivation.

  9. You look fabulous! I haven't tried the Wii Fit Plus or even the Wii Fit yet, but I really want to. The fiance has a Wii and I know he wants it. This is the year to get toned and feel great, I agree! Excellent post :)


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