You Bento, But What About All This Stuff?

There comes that day for everyone who loves to pack bentos, where am I going to put all this stuff? Yes, the upside to packing bentos far surpasses the downsides, but organization is the key to successful bentoing.

See this drawer to the left? I have three very oversized utensil/silverware drawers in my kitchen. They allow me the luxury of storing items out of sight, that would typically be displayed on counter tops. I like that, it keeps my kitchen feeling harmonious. Only problem is, the bento accessories have taken over. This particular drawer is the one I use most often, the left side divider once contained our every day go to utensils. Slowly over time (since August) the bento items started to creep in. Cookie cutters, silicone cups, and picks are the main culprits. They are bento items I use every single day, I like to have them at my finger tips. But stealing my coveted utensil spot, not so much. This drawer is on my to-do list. Will update when I get to it.

I keep up above my kitchen cabinets, the actual bento boxes in a white tub. I have a surplus of Hello Kitty boxes that I picked up at a dollar store a few years ago, they were a real find! They aren't my first choice when packing a lunch, but sometimes their shape makes them the best choice. I know we'll out grow this tub soon, but I love the ease of being able to pull it out and have all the bentos in open view. It's funny how some meals work perfectly for a particular shape and sometimes the bento I want to use just isn't the best choice.

The blue bento is labeled, "access". That's the box I keep very small and easily lost bento accessories. See in the photo to the left. These are my highly coveted items that my husband has brought back from Japan. Living in Colorado it's very hard to find all these special little bottles, picks, dividers, and sauce holders. I have to make sure I keep them under wraps and organized.

To me, it's what sets my lunch packing apart. The little touches make it feel more special.