Notes From New York, How To Offend Others When Parking...

Oh New York, you are like no other place on earth. I mean that in the most sincere way. The day after Christmas my husband and I took a trip to Crossgates Mall to do some shopping at ONE specific store. It's a store we don't have in Colorado and we always like to stop in when we are back east visiting family.

Call us crazy for going to the mall the day after Christmas. I know, what were we thinking? On the upside we left the girls with Nana, so we thought hey why not embark on a little childless adventure!?!

After having to exit the Northway from a different exit (hello, first warning sign!) because traffic was so bad, just getting into the parking lot was a mess. There was some snow on the ground, it was slushy and brown. Lots of beeping horns and impatient people, gone was the holiday spirit. J is a huge fan of parking the furthest spot away from the entrance of any store, so as usual he drove straight to the last row.

Full. The parking lot was totally full, from front to back.

Wow! I was amazed that people in Albany were actually willing to park further than 10 feet from the entrance of any store. If you've been there, you know what I mean. Of course, plan B was to be patient and drive around the lot. The only way to get a spot was to happen upon someone leaving.

As we turned down one row of parked cars, we noticed this Honda, sticking out a few feet from it's parking spot. It appeared as if the car had rolled a bit, maybe the owner forgot to put on the parking brake. As we drove by it, we could see trash on the windshield of the car, a note under the wipers, and even a few cups crushed into the door handle on the driver's side. We were sort of taken back by the spectacle the Honda had become.

We just so happened to find a parking spot a few cars down. Of course I had to take a picture and do a closer inspection of the note on the windshield. When I did, I could not believe what I read.

Only in New York. For real!

Someone was so offended that this person's car wasn't parked properly and was sticking a few feet into the aisle of the parking lot that they actually took the time to get out a piece of paper and leave a note.

This is what the note read:
"I hope you got glasses for Xmas asshole can't park"

I was just amazed, really. Once again I'll defer to only in New York.


  1. Aww, it's so nice that they left a note! so sweet!

  2. Oh. My. God.
    You are right - only in NY! I luckily now live on the border of MA and happily shop just over the Mountain... where the sales tax is cheaper and the people are friendlier... :) I love NY... but wow.

  3. I think one of my relatives left that note. Keri

  4. And I hope the writer of the note got a grammar book for Christmas.

  5. Honestly! The energy people waste on being unpleasant...

  6. I guess in NY that is cause enough to let your day be ruined. Talk about giving away your power. YIPES!

  7. That is exactly the kind of note I'd expect to see in NY.

    So...I hope you're busy working on a series of posts about your trip.


  8. ha ha ha!!! and possibly they got a car detail for Christmas!

  9. I guess "glasses" is slightly nicer than what they could have said . . .

  10. I can't believe it! Only in NY?!

  11. Sheesh! If I got a note like that it would ruin my week.

  12. LOL! Only in New York!! At least they're honest and speak their mind. - Melissa


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