Snippets From London part 3, I Haven't Been To Disney World!?!

Why London? I've had a few friends ask, how in the world did you chose London, to visit in January and for six short days? I know, trust me, I know. The travel was long and I can guarantee the weather was much nicer in the Bahamas, but the experience was one to remember forever.

London simply is charming to me. I've always been enamored with the history, the architecture, the people, of course the accent, the music, and the culture. When you sit down for a glass of wine with friends at a place that has been around since 1890, that's simply a life experience to cherish. London fed my soul and catered to my quirky nature. I like out of the ordinary things, places, and yes that meant London in January.

Another reason why I didn't pass on London, was an old friend. This friend left Colorado about 12 years ago to move back home to England. It had been 11 years since we had seen one another. 11 years. In between there have been marriages, motherhood, four children, houses purchased, houses sold, highs and lows, lots of careers, and plenty of growing, but we amazingly stayed in touch. Knowing I could spend time with one of my life's most cherished friends was the cherry on top for me.

I longed to see her home, catch up in person, share a cup of tea, meet her girls and see her son who has grown into a young man. We reminisced about the good ol' days in Boulder, when our only care in the world was our dogs. Saturdays you could find us strolling to the farmer's market, picking up tea at the Brewing Market and joking on the way home, with our arms full of fresh cut flowers. We'd hike our puppies at Mt. Sanitas and grab a margarita on a sunny afternoon on the patio of the Rio. Life was much different then, but I don't think we'd trade our lives today for that time. We just know how to relish it for what it was.

While making up for lost time, we were chatting into the wee hours of the morning. I sat at her kitchen table with her wonderful man, a beer in my hand, and just sort of chuckled. The topic of conversation had turned to traveling and Florida came up. I joked that I was sitting in London, but I have never been to Disney World. Hello, how funny is that. I've traveled extensively in Europe, to Mexico, Costa Rica, but Disney World, haven't been there yet. Of course I had to throw out the idea of us meeting at Disney some day. We must, I must. For the record, I have been to Disney Land, although I guess Disney Land is like the inferior stepsister to the real deal in Florida. Someday Disney World, I'm coming for you.

What's even better now, even though B and I are so far apart, when I have a telephone conversation I can imagine her sitting at her kitchen table chatting me up. I think of the beautiful sun room off the back of her living room that overlooks her garden or the charming stained glass front door. My visit just helped put the pieces of the puzzle together and honor a bond that I've always adored.

Yes, London in January. London anytime really. When opportunity arises sometimes it's fabulous to have the courage to go for it!


  1. You're not missing much at Disney.. though I suppose your girls would probably adore it. I guess it's one of those trips we all must make at some point or another... but I'd have chosen London in January any day myself! Enjoyed the post... :)

  2. I totally agree - London is awesome anytime of the year. What a great friendship it sounds like you two have - and I hope you guys do get to meet up in Disneyworld sometime! With your kids - they'll love it!

  3. Wonderful! I love, love, love London! The last time I went was w/my best friend when I was pregnant. We went for a long weekend.

    Still haven't taken my kids to Disney and they are 8 and almost 11-- but we are planning to go to DK and Belgium this summer.

  4. I love London anytime. Disney is on my list, haven't gotten to it yet:(

  5. That IS a long trip from the West Coast - but so worth it. Especially for six days (a long weekend is too short).

    And I've never been to Disney World either - just Land.

  6. Sooooo nice that you got to see B. You must make it to Disneyworld someday. I've never been either, until this New Year. So worth it and it makes you feel like a kid again. Loved seeing the kids reactions. - Melissa


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