A Busy Mom's Real World Bento

Lately I've been fighting the notion that bentos are this overwhelming idea that just creates another thing for us as mothers to do in the morning. How in the world am I going to find time to make a beautiful artistic lunch, when I barely have time to brush my hair before the school commute?

I said it last week and I am saying it again, bentos don't have to be cutesy. I will admit bento lunch making while at it's most perfected art, is absolutely astounding. Here is a little glimpse into the bento world on Flickr. But for me, those artistic bentos are an aspiration at this point. They are incredible, but for me not realistic.

Instead I am going to share, what my bentos have been looking like lately. The reality of my bentos is they aren't that pretty. Eek. Luckily I have cute containers on my side. This morning I packed a panda bento. We were out of bread, so I made a peanut butter and jelly whole wheat tortilla roll up. Well, pb&j in a tortilla is really, really messy, so I am always certain to use a little pick for Sj to use instead of getting her hands a sticky mess. To accompany her roll up, some sharp vintage cheddar cheese, veggie booty, a plum, and always a small treat, some Smarties from the UK.

To the left is her snack, just a pear cut up with an apple corer.

Off she goes....
I had to snap a shot of panda in the bag, the egg contains a wipe for my daughter to clean her hands before, during, and after eating her lunch. As with the best part of creating bentos, no waste and always a happy empty box upon her return home. Small portions of many foods helps my daughter do a great job with her lunch!