Bento Tips! Cookie Cutters, Aren't Just For Cookies...

A really quick way to spruce up a bento lunch is with cookie cutters. It's really a win, win situation. Don't go out and buy a fancy sandwich cutter for $5.00 when you can use items like cookie cutters, which most of us already have a plethora of in our home!

I cut off the crust with the larger cookie cutters I have. Today it was a bunny (my daughter's favorite animal) and a hand. I just place them in at the same time to avoid the bread from splitting open to a point where it's not savable. Voile, a really simple way to be creative.
If you take a closer look, all I did was cut up a blueberry to create a little eye for the bunny. My goodness, I might even be able to call this one cutesy. LOL!