Bentos Don't Have To Be Cutesy!

Let me paint the scene, it's an average Thursday morning in my house. My school age daughter needs to have an inhaler treatment that takes about 15 minutes before she leaves for school, she also needs to take some medicine casually hidden in a smoothie, as well as get dressed, wash up, and eat breakfast. Thank goodness gracious she's awesome about doing her homework in the afternoons. I am juggling the medicine, the waistband that is suddenly too tight, and also food duty.

I love bentos for the convenience. I can pick out a bento box, go to my drawer of silicone re-usable cupcake cups, and pull out some food and get right to it. Let me remind you, bentos aren't always cutesy and as of lately they are rarely cutesy! So take the pressure off yourself and focus more on the kind of food you are packing your children.
Chaos captured! Everything is spread out, I am being pulled in five directions, but my focus a healthy lunch and snack. Oops, sometimes I forget snack. But not today!
I ALWAYS include at least 2 fresh fruits or veges. Today it just so happened to be two fresh fruits, grapes and blueberries. It's a compromise I won't make. Yes, sometimes I need to give my daughter the back up canned fruit that is stored in fruit juice, never in a heavy syrup. If you can't find an alternative, make sure to rinse off the thick slimy mess that most can fruit is packed with. Major brands do carry a variety in 100% fruit juice, just hunt around the shelves, you'll find it.

Whole wheat tortilla quesadilla and Amy's organic ABC soup. I'm done..

Now RUN out the door, you don't want to be late!