Confession Time, Secrets of A Gaming Mom... Say What?!

Lately I've spent many days solo parenting. My husband isn't off on vacation sipping ice cold beers on the beach, he's working. Winter is busy season for a man that produces a ski movie. All of our family lives on the east coast. When J travels, I'm going it alone. Luckily the girls and I get into a groove, typically my only alone time is when they've turned in for the night. Some nights my eyes close just as fast as theirs and I'm asleep by 8:30. Did I really just admit to that?

Other nights I relish those couple of hours of alone time. Instead of folding laundry, paying bills, or unloading the dishwasher, I like to decompress. When I'm stressed or overwhelmed, I occasionally draw a bath. More times than not I call a friend. Nightly, I'm relaxed by a few rounds of Words With Friends, reading blogs, spending time on the computer, or watching television.

As of the last few weeks, I have an incredibly wonderful low calorie, heart pounding stress reliever. I'm finally ready to share my little secret. Are you ready for it, you may laugh or not believe me....

Super Mario Brothers for the Wii.

Really it seems silly to admit, that I sit up playing video games at night while my children are asleep. I have to turn down the television pretty low because my daughter and I have become Super Mario Brother playing partners, she always wants to be part of the action. Sometimes it takes me multiple tries to pass a particular round, typically a castle round at the end of the world. I have to contain myself when I pass a harder level because usually my success is followed by a loud scream of JOY!

I'm not sure if Super Mario Brothers brings back the rush of memories from my childhood (it was hands down my favorite video game, read this). I love the challenge, the discovery of new things in the Wii version and trying to remember the old secret tricks from back in the day. For example, Nintendo was kind enough to build in earning 99 Mario lives at the end of a round in World 2 just by a simple maneuver, like in the original version. I love all the updates to the Wii version which capture the wonderful evolution of gaming technology at it's finest.

Through out the day, sometimes I find myself saying, "Bah, Bah" which is a very well known part of the music through out the game. When the sound Bah, Bah is made all the characters on the screen stop and do a little dance. It's like an inside joke between the girls and I. We stop what we are doing and also do a little dance. Bah, Bah!

So yes, now you know my little secret. I laugh thinking about how much pleasure a video game can bring me after a long, hard day. How about you, have any secrets to decompressing that you want to share?


Super Mario Brothers was a gift to me as a part of my involvement with the Nintendo Enthusiast campaign. But to be very honest, this game would have been a part of my Wii collection regardless! As I've mentioned in the past, the Wii was purchased by my family.


  1. your blog is interesting and lovely to peek in at :) hello!

  2. I had to come visit your site after Neilochka, on Twitter, matched us together.

    I think he was right, we should get to know each other better.

    Gotta love that Twitter!!!


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