Happy New Year!!! Mulling Over Thoughts and Resolve...

Happy New Year!!! I know, I know you don't need to check your calendar. This post wasn't published a month late, this post was published right on time, Monday February 1st. Today is officially the start of my new year. WooHoo!

You see, we were in New York for New Years and then I picked up and got on a plane to London a week after I got home. All that traveling and rebounding from traveling threw off the first month of the year. So now I'm seizing resolve by the horns. January was a huge month for me and I've gained perspective going into the new year that I am excited about, which is how the new year should feel, right?

So where shall I begin...

Tightening up the belt and the wallet? I've never felt so completely ready to start budgeting my money. I'm a big talker in that department, but J and I have spent time discussing our future, so we NEED to tighten up the spending. We've set uber lofty life changing goals for us this year. First we need to address the credit card debt that hangs over my head every night, it's not insane and unmanageable, but it has reached the ultimate limit of what I feel comfortable with. So those new shoes, that cute outfit, not happening. I'm assessing in the moment if it's a momentary want or something we truly need. Baby steps, but it feels good to first be in a place to acknowledge wanting to curb our unnecessary spending. I'm content with that because we've set our sights on wonderful things.

I'm planning meals on Sundays, grocery shopping Monday mornings. This will help in so many ways, cutting out last minute take out meals saves in our wallets and having control over the quality of food we put in our bodies will ultimately help with my waistline. Hello win, win.

Speaking of waistline. This is my year to focus on my health, by working out regularly. I've got the **Wii Fit Plus, I've got beautiful sunshine in Colorado, I've got no more excuses. I feel like I would like to lose 20 pounds and really my diet isn't the culprit of the extra weight I carry, it's the lack of regular exercise. I feel ashamed I only get to the Wii Fit Plus a few times a week, I should be on it daily. Starting today, I will be.

It's really that simple, your mind tells your body and your body acts or reacts. I'm convincing mine acting is perfect for me.

Other random things to resolve:

The stuff. Have you ever just stepped into your space like an outsider and tried to look around with out all the emotional attachment? I feel like 7 years in this house has allowed us to gather and collect so much stuff. I've been on a huge mission to rid our space of all our unwanteds, outgrown clothing, baby toys, random kitchen accessories, and just the things we don't really use anymore. There's no need for us to be holding onto it, storing it for just in case. I'm craving space when I open a closet, space when I look on a book shelf, the stuff is consuming me and I am ready for it to go!!! When I have this feeling, it's so important for me to RUN with it.

Even better, I've sold some items on Craigslist and put the money on my looming credit card debt. Hello, can we cheer together- Win, Win!!!

The drive. I spend my week days commuting once a day to pick up my daughter from school. It's about 20 miles round trip. I don't spend a lot of time behind the wheel, everything is pretty close and accessible to my house. But I still have vowed to make changes for the new year. For some reason, I feel this overwhelming desire to get where I need to be as quickly as possible. Now I don't speed more than 5 mph, but still I just get anxious. I drive a lot in the left lane. I am conditioning myself to stay in the moment, slow down, drive slower, not feel so rushed to get where I need to be. I'm not an ambulance driver, I don't need to be racing across town. I always give myself plenty of time to be where I need to be. It's a work in progress. Daily I am conditioning myself to change.

Speaking of change, I NEVER text behind the wheel and I rarely chat on my phone. Life is too precious, so take the no phone zone challenge, I did and I'm proud. More info here, please take part, make the pledge to save lives. Human life is more important than an impulse to reply instantly to a text.

My roles, my abilities. I love being a mother, I love my job, but I don't really appreciate the luxury everyday. I want my girls to feel how much I love caring for them, whether it be by reading a book, helping with homework, doing a craft, or letting the phone pick up to voice mail so we can build a blanket fort. I'm working on balancing time better. I'm working on being a better wife and appreciating what my husband gives us. I'm even thinking of ironing his shirts before he gets back from his business trip. He'll be shocked. I want to get into a better groove when it comes to keeping my home in harmony and balance. Part of that directly links back to my struggle with the stuff, less stuff to wash, pick up, and put away, the happier I'll be.

Just me. My trip to London taught me many lessons, enough to write it's own post. Bottom line, it's so important to nurture yourself. If you're the family's primary care giver, have given up your career, and are always saying yes when sometimes you may want to say no, it's time to say YES to yourself. Whatever you love to do, seize the moment. Even if it's two hours on a Saturday morning. You'll be glad you did. But I promise, more to come on this.

So Happy New Year. Am I missing something major to work on? Other than juggling and balance? Please share how your new year is going, I need inspiration...

Disclosure, my **Wii Fit Plus was given to me because of my involvement in the Wii Brand Enthusiast campaign, it just happened to be a part of my story not the reason for my story. Just so you should know, the Wii console, I bought with my birthday money a year ago. Mmmkay?

PS, the photo was of me in London making a dream come true, I visited the space where Coldplay recorded Viva La Vida! Sometimes when I look at it, I can't believe I was there. Great start to Twenty-Ten!!!


  1. Great post Denise! I love reading about your trip to London.

    I am so with you on the stuff! I am just happier and more comfortable in my home when it's decluttered.

    And every year I vow to take better care of myself and every year I feel like I fall short. Maybe we can remind each other to nurture ourselves!

  2. Denise you inspire me. I love this, and I know you are going to have an amazing 2010!!

  3. Great blog post and I totally agree! I always like to try and learn something new every year, that way I can challenge another part of my brain. - Melissa

  4. I love all of your goals for the next year.

    I've been wanting to get rid of stuff but I'm scared to death of craigs list.

  5. Good resolutions! I don't really come up with formal ones, but I'm trying to make some quality of life improvements too!

  6. Great goals! I'm working on being a better wife, too. But, I'm not ironing shirts!

  7. Hi Denise,

    Just happened upon your blog while trying to link up with others who've reflected on the changing of the years (I'm still on this topic as well, even though it is February; I loved your opening - that despite this, the blog is still "right on time" :)). I live in Colorado as well (Littleton) and just began blogging. Okay, here's the test: It has been one week since you've posted: how are you doing so far with your set intentions? Any initial hangups or successes? Let us know.

    If you would like, please check out my thoughts on the turning of years, called "Year End / Begin" at toninmckelvey.blogspot.com. Keep up the blogging!



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