I Haven't Been On Vacation...

Where have I been? In the past 16 days, I've been to the Doctor's office with my girls 4 times, for lung checks and for their cough/cold/fever. I've been to Children's Hospital Urgent Care 2 times. To top off all the fun my husband was in a remote part of Canada for 10 of those days, where I had one heck of a time reaching him to make him share in my misery.

Yes, let's just say pretty much solo with two sick kids, luckily there wasn't much overlapping except for one night of surprise vomiting. Oh the joys of motherhood!

So here's a list of the things that have been going on in my world. I have to get them out and by golly, it's turning into a blog post.

Enjoy, boy I sure have.

Children's Motrin
Children's Tylenol
Pulmicort Respules
Amoxicillin 400mg
Twice a day
Every 4-6 hours, can do one treatment earlier if needed
Every 6 hours
If fever breaks through, use Tylenol but repeat motrin at 6 hours.
Urine Test
Chest X-Ray
Oxygen Monitoring
Gallons of Juice, drink, drink, drink
Ears are clear
diminished on this side no wheezing
Coughing episode
Oh yeah, lots of mucous
crackling sound
Cough, cough
I don't know maybe a few barking sounds
Spike a fever post nap
Surprise a 10pm vomit episode in case you weren't having enough fun
Pediatric mask
Temperature has broken
No school, shit I forgot to call school.
2 pharmacies
Pharmacy doesn't have medicine
Pharmacy #1 has to call pharmacy #2 to get the prescription to fill
Drive thru pharmacy
wait in line at grocery store pharmacy
You're back again.
Do you need a job?
Maybe 6-8 calls to Dr's nurse
I feel so sorry for you
Fish at the Drs office
6 hours of sleep, no cough
Lots of scribbled on paper trying to keep an underslept family properly medicated and well recorded.

Please let this be it. I promise you universe I will be a good girl and become a hermit with my children.

ps, I almost failed to mention my furnace also went out on me during this time period when my husband was out of town. It took not one, but two trips from the repairman. Fan-fricking-tastic is my life!!!


  1. Fantastic indeed.

    I hope the kids are doing better and stay healthy through the rest of the winter.

  2. UGH.....That really sucks! Hope the girls are on their way to recovery! Lots of hugs.- Melissa

  3. ugh, you need a vacation and a medal for mother of the year.
    Hope everyone is back to full health soon!

  4. Oh no--that sounds so scary (and busy!!!)
    Sending you get well vibes for the entire family!

  5. BLESS YOUR HEART, mama.

    That is all I know to say! Here I was bemoaning our sick girls on twitter, but you have had a REAL time of it. (PS - as it turns out, not the flu, but it is RSV.)

    I am so, so sorry. I can completely empathize with the utter exhaustion you must be feeling. May health and healing return to your family VERY soon!

  6. craptastic! i can't believe what you have been through. here's to coming out of it...

  7. ::hugs:: Here's to a glass of red wine and a quiet weekend. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  8. Fingers crossed you have turned the corner and you will all be well again. I am always close by if you need help with anything. K

  9. eek so sorry hope you're all feeling better soon

  10. I was feeling very sorry for myself, having endured 3 similar weeks, and just blogged about it, then found your post.... your 3 weeks were worse. Misery loves company? March is just around the corner, eh?

  11. Ugh! I honestly don't know of anyone, anywhere who hasn't had this latest virus (including us). Hope your kids are feeling better soon!

  12. I hope they are feeling better now and you are too!

  13. You poor thing. Hopefully all are on the mend now and your husband is home for a while!!!


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