Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, His TED Wish

You'll be seeing a lot more of Jamie Oliver, he's got a show coming on ABC called Food Revolution next month. If you are new to the food movement in America, it's happening. Wonderful people are trying to change the way our children eat and the way we choose to eat as adults, the amount of processed food and chemicals we put in our bodies, Jamie Oliver just happens to be one with a bigger platform. If you have a chance, watch this video. It's the speech of Jamie's Wish from the TED conference. Let's give our children a chance to outlive us, the way we are headed it's not happening for the first time in four generations. Our children's generation is expected to have a life span 10 YEARS shorter than ours. Can you fathom that?

It starts at home people.... What are you COOKING tonight?


  1. Awesome! I'm making Chicken Mulligatawny tonight for the first time. If it's good, it'll go on my food blog!

  2. I meant awesome as in more of Jaime Oliver and good food. NOT awesome as in our kids kids will have a shorter life span. Obviously - that is sooo sad!

  3. I'm definitely trying to make smarter food choices. I'll have to watch the video later. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I'm very excited about this show for a lot of reasons!

    We have been working on changing our family habits for over a year. Some of it by choice, some of it by necessity of our situation. We haven't eaten in a restaurant in over a year (lie: we went out for our anniversary, but we were alone without children. That was our exception to the rule).

    We also subscribe to our organic farm box program and get seasonal fruits/veggies/breads/etc each Friday. Makes my weekends so exciting!

  5. I am standing up and cheering!!! I love Jamie Oliver and stand by him wholeheartedly on this one.

    My husband has always turned his nose up at anything processed. I used to just call him a snob. We make homemade pizza every Friday night. I make homemade salad dressing and our own granola. And it all just tastes better!

    Fortunately we both like to cook and be in the kitchen. And we enjoy getting our kids involved. I realize this isn't the case for everyone. Heck, I can't resist Chipotle every once in a while.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to Jamie's new show.

  6. I have been one of his fans for so long :)
    His books are always my favorite (and I have a lot of cookbooks!).
    Tonight--pasta bolangnase (sp?)

  7. I went to the TED website and requested to volunteer somehow. Wouldn't it be great if we could volunteer in our kids schools encouraging his program? I would love to help those cafeteria ladies out with chopping or any other kitchen duty. That would be AWESOME. - Melissa


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