Our Connection To The Vancouver Winter Olympics, Way To Go Hubby!!!

Today I want to take a moment to celebrate my husband's accomplishments. I've occasionally talked about my husband's job in the past, he puts his heart and soul into a feature length ski movie every year. Winter is obviously the most hectic and stressful time for him when it comes to his job, other than August when the film is being wrapped in Los Angeles.

Last year he was asked to take part in the filming of the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Vancouver. Of course he jumped at the opportunity to take part in history making and have so many millions of people see his work. One year ago he went to Canada and was sworn to secrecy, but now we can celebrate his involvement! J worked on the opening montage for the film that brought the snowboarder into the live ceremony at the arena in Vancouver. He also did some color correction work with David Atkins the producer of the entire opening ceremony. We even were delighted to find out he was given credit for his work in the official Opening Ceremony Program! We'll cherish it forever.

We are very proud of him. In the moment I felt so much excitement and anticipation.


2010 Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremony, Encore Part 1

The best place to find the footage is on the NBC Olympics website, I apologize I can't just embed a YouTube movie, and I also apologize for my friends that use a Mac (me included) the video is on some silly Microsoft platform. User friendly, not!


  1. oh my gosh! I cannot wait to tell my husband about this. He was telling me during the ceremonies that he read about the filming and was just giddy! Now I can tell him he can be even more excited!

    Congratulations to you all! xoxo

  2. I'll have to watch this on my hubby's laptop...I'm on a mac. I think Microsoft was a big sponsor of the Olympics, but you'd think they'd make this a little more user-friendly for those of us who have gone to the other side.

    (Yes, you told the mac users we wouldn't be able to watch it easily...my comment isn't directed at you.) :)

    Anyway...CONGRATS to him!!

  3. Awesome!! That is so cool and something I'm sure your kids are so proud of too!

  4. So cool. Definitely something that your daughters will tell their own children some day.


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